Letters, Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Proud we could save fire station

I AM writing to express my delight that Sunderland Central Fire Station has been saved following uncertainty over its future.

 It has been a very concerning time for Sunderland residents, many of whom, like myself, know local firefighters whose jobs had been put at risk.

 The coverage of this saga in the Sunderland Echo has been excellent and I am delighted, although somewhat surprised, by the outcome.

 It is due to the persistence of the Echo to drum up as much support for the campaign as possible and the hard work of local MP Julie Elliott, who, alongside volunteers, I have regularly seen in Sunderland City Centre collecting signatures.

 I am heartened by the community spirit that has been shown by Julie and the Echo during this campaign.

 How fantastic that Sunderland has a local woman as an MP instead of one parachuted in by a major party’s head office!

 Times are tough for many at present and it often feels like Westminster, although far away, wholly dictates our lives.

  I am proud that in my city, people power overcame the savage cuts being implemented by this dastardly Government.

B Bowen

Not way forward

I READ with disbelief the article about blocking the crossing at Stoneygate on the A690 dual carriageway (February 10).

 When the A690 was first improved some far-seeing councillors guessed how busy it would eventually get and there was discussion about a flyover or a roundabout. Nothing was done and the inevitable is occurring.

 It is no surprise that accidents occur and will continue to do so until the bullet is bitten and a roundabout is built.

 Two lines of traffic racing down towards the A19 roundabout while cars try to filter in from either side was always dangerous.

 Some of the worst accidents I have witnessed here have been cars cartwheeling down past Vardys/Stratstone garage towards the A19.

 What could be the council’s next move – speed bumps on the dual carriageway?

 Blocking the crossing would not only affect businesses on both sides of the carriageway, but also car owners not to mention access for emergency vehicles, adding two miles to any vehicle coming from Sunderland.

 Let us hope that councillors are not putting money saving at the cost of lives and livelihoods.

P Greenshields,

Stoneygate Farm

City of kind people

GOD bless the kind honest person who handed my bus pass into the Travel Shop.

 We have some lovely people in our city and I am proud to belong to it.

 Many thanks.

Mrs T Gardiner,