Letters, Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

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Get rid of these speed humps

HAVING read the many letters that have appeared in the Echo regarding the traffic-calming measures on the coast road at Seaham and the demand to have them removed, I am writing regarding this subject.

On January 30, I had the misfortune of taking ill and attended Marlborough Surgery where, after examination, the GP decided to send me to Sunderland Royal Hospital. He booked a bed and an ambulance to collect me.

Eventually an ambulance arrived, crewed with a male and female. When the male attendant asked if I had been like this before I told him I’d had a heart attack five-and-a-half years previously. His response was: “We can’t take you. If anything happens on the road, we can’t take that risk. We will ask for a paramedic to attend”. Eventually one arrived from Chester-le-Street.

The female attendant then asked me where Sunderland Royal Hospital was. I replied: “Are you telling me you don’t know?” She replied: “We’re from Durham. We don’t know Sunderland.” I then directed her to Sunderland while I was strapped to the bed and my wife strapped to a chair. We set off and, within a few minutes, had we not been strapped in, we would have been thrown around in the back because she had gone along the seafront over the traffic-calming measures.

I now turn to the idiotic officers and councillors who authorised the installation of this stupid and, quite frankly, ridiculous system. These fools should all be forced by Durham County Council to travel in the back of an ambulance across stretch of road where these measures were installed to gain first-hand knowledge of the idiocy behind the system. We have our own senior councillor living on the front and he travels to Durham every day but does not have to navigate the system as he exits his house from the rear and travels west out of Seaham, returning home the same route.

To the county council, pull yourselves together and remove this massive obstruction before the summer, otherwise the drop in visitors will show. You made an excellent job of the front until you imposed this cancer on the town.

W. Ward, Burhall Drive, Seaham

Messy problem

I CLEAN the windows for City Life Church (formerly Millfield Pentecostal). I also try to keep the little bit of green belt land tidy outside the church walls. It gives me great pleasure to assist in the workings of the church, as it helps the community in various ways, eg coffee mornings, lunch clubs and a nursery/playgroup, as well as catering for the spiritual needs of anyone who needs help.

The reason for this letter is that I, as well as the pastor, am continually picking up dog faeces from outside the church. Believe me it is not a pleasant experience.

On one occasion, while I was cleaning the windows, an elderly gentleman let his dog do its business in front of me after I had just cleaned up the previous mess. This was at the main entrance. I withheld my complaints as I did not want to cause offence.

To him and others who feel obliged to not clean up, if I am present I will not withhold my complaint. Please have respect for your community, and the elderly, young mothers and toddlers who use the facilities of this community church, so they do not have the experience of treading in your pet’s mess.

Mr K. Parkinson

Unhappy humans

IT always makes me wonder why are we, the Human Race, having the largest brains of all Earth’s creatures, the only possessive and, may I use the word, greedy, beings on our planet?

I won a tenner on the lottery and, like many times before, one thinks next week I’m going to win the big prize. The first number I chose comes out. “Yes, come on!” and then you know the feeling, not another number matches.

I’m not saying we should stop buying lottery tickets, because not only is the lottery funding helping many great and needy causes, we need to have the feeling of hope without getting an anxious longing to win.

However, I still wonder which of all the creatures of the Earth are the happiest and I honestly don’t think it’s us humans. We are probably quite low in the happy charts.

However, as God as proclaimed, people are his first priority. I really wonder what does God really want from us? Oh wondrous God how shall my heart your secrets all unfold? Your answer surely must be: words no tongue hath yet told.

J. B. Chambers, Durham Avenue, Donwell

Nuclear ambition

BARACK Obama has recently declared his backing for whatever Israel decides to do against Iran. Assassinating Iranian scientists is apparently not enough.

In this presidential election year, Obama is primarily concerned with placating the New York Zionists, but the rest of the world should be cheering Iran on in its ambition to be an nuclear power.

India and Pakistan, having both become nuclear powers, have achieved a sort of nuclear impasse. If Iran becomes a nuclear power, it will neutralise Israel’s overweening posture and the rest of us may sleep more peacefully in our beds.

Mr McGill, Seaburn

Excellent councillor

IF you’ve met Florence Anderson, I doubt you could not like her as a person. Even though I am in the same party as her I would place myself firmly in the centre, whereas Florence is a self-confessed socialist, but I like to think that we are still comrades and that is why I am defending her.

I am not condoning the IRA nor the bombing or potential bombing of any Conservative Party conference, and I doubt that Florence seriously was either, given her anti-war, anti-violence views. In my opinion, the status she liked on Facebook supposedly calling for the IRA to bomb the Tory conference seemed to just be an awful joke.

When I join a group on Facebook I do not fear liking jokes or silly groups in case some muppet leaks it, as I trust that in this country everyone has the right to a private life, even if they hold public office, so why is Florence Anderson not being allowed this? If there are people I hate more than cowards it’s cyber-cowards.

She might need some social media training but she doesn’t need any training when it comes to representing her constituents and performing as a councillor (unlike her Tory colleagues at the council), which is where it really matters.

Andrew Gray, Labour Party activist, Fatfield, Washington

Crass ignorance

FLORENCE Anderson, a member of Sunderland City Council, “likes” a Facebook posting urging the IRA to blow up the next Conservative Party Conference. Such stupidity adds weight to the argument that crass ignorance enjoys rude health in the North East of England.

Is it any wonder the rest of the country looks upon the North East as a bad joke?

Mary Metcalfe

You’re wrong, Linda

I’VE lived in Sunderland since 1999, when I moved here from just down the

road in Peterlee, when I married my wife.

Having read Linda Colling’s article about Sunderland’s city status, I feel it’s my right to reply to a pathetic piece of lazy journalism. Crying about Joplings and TJ Hughes closing and the Vaux site being left for so long doesn’t really give Linda the right to insist the city status is a joke.

Yes Sunderland needs investment, in an awful lot of areas. In the last five years, we have had new academies built in my local area, Hylton Castle and Redhouse, the impressive Aquatic Centre, new homes in Southwick, Castletown and Hylton Castle, and the expansion of the Bridges shopping centre.

Don’t insult people who will be working, building and serving in these new areas, Linda (your comment about Primark) springs to mind. If you are too good to shop in these shops then great, but an awful lot of families couldn’t do without the value for money this store in particular offers.

I work hard for a living, full time, overtime. I enjoy going to the “town” to spend my hard-earned money on treats and gifts for my family: Empire Cinema, bowling, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, sporting venues, the Stadium of Light, the Puma Centre. If you think

back to the way Sunderland looked back when Crowtree was open and central bus depot was there, was it more impressive on the eye back then than now?

Linda, you are the one who has the problem, not the people of the city who you report for. If you hate the place this much, then please feel free to move

somewhere that suits your particular “snob” mentality.

You work for a paper that is for the people of Sunderland and yet you see nothing in insulting them. You should be sacked or, at best, resign.

Chris Pratt

Thanks to residents

CAN I thank all residents of Glebe who came to Wessington School to sign the Glebe Agreement? Also thanks to everyone who signed on the doorsteps.

This agreement highlights the good partnership work between residents, Glebe Residents’ Group, Sunderland City Council, Gentoo, Northumbria Police and Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue.

Can I also thank everyone who took part in the community litter-pick, including Gentoo staff, council staff and the young people from Glebe and the Pitstop Youth Project?

You make me very proud to be your local councillor.

Thank you, everyone.

Coun Dianne Snowdon, Glebe, Washington