Letters, Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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Leisure centre will help boost city

I TOTALLY agree with S Gibson and W Connolly regarding Crowtree Leisure Centre (letters February 16).

 I used to use the Crowtree for the ice-rink and pool from 1978 to 2008, until both the facilities were closed to the public.

 I then joined a group on Facebook called Sunderland Health and Leisure in Action in the hope that the group could persuade the council to keep the centre open and have all the facilities reopened, but so far, no luck.

 This is due to the council ignoring the requests from the people of Sunderland and the Facebook group, who it is supposed to represent.

 Why can’t the council reopen Crowtree where it is and extend The Bridges over Blandford Street and Holmeside where there are already many closed shops with “To Let” signs above them, or even let the Facebook group take it over so that they can reopen it?

 The council has made no effort to ask the people of Sunderland what they want to happen with Crowtree. This is more than likely because they already know what response they would get from them – reopen the leisure centre.

 It would make more sense to have it reopened because it would bring more people into the city centre as there would be multiple amenities for them to visit such as the shops, cinema, bowling alley, the pool and ice-rink plus the other facilities that the Crowtree used to hold.

 There is also a group of 400 members that use the bowling green inside the centre. Where are they to go?

 The plan to demolish the building has not been thought through very well.

 Imagine the amount of people that would come into the city of Sunderland if the Crowtree was reopened and had a bit of a make over. It would certainly bring more money and jobs to the city. It would keep kids off the streets and help people to get and stay fit.

 Can anyone see the negatives in this? I certainly can’t.

David Hull,


Double glazing bid

LIKE the writer of the letter headlined “worker’s struggling” on February 8, I too am a tax payer, aged 79, paying full rent to Gentoo.

 I have tried for the last three years to get double glazing put into my home (which does not need new window frames, so they tell me). Every morning the windows are streaming with water. I dare not put my heating on all day because of the bills.

 Gentoo is advertising in its January brochure an energy-saving bundle with double glazed window units at 16p per window.

 I have five windows which would cost me £3.20 extra on my rent each month. It also says customers will save more on energy costs.

 I have phoned three times and asked to have my windows done and been told I can’t.

 I did speak to a manager last year and he said he would look into it for me. He never got back to me.

 Maybe if I was on benefits he would have.

Another unhappy taxpayer

Not just for the few

ACCORDING to the Echo on Monday, February 18, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) dealt with 2,500 cases of people with unsecured loans, which does not include people with other problems.

 So how can our council think about cutting £200,000 from the grant given to the CAB when it continues to pay £200,000 for union officials to sit inside the civic centre.

 The money given by the Government in grants is for all the people of the city and not just for union officials who just look after a few.

 Come on Sunderland Council look after the people who need help.

G Liddle,


Appetite to spend

THE Echo’s coverage of the announcement of Sunderland City Council’s freezing of council tax on February 14 is somewhat short on detail.

 There is no mention that the freeze is a Government-funded initiative.

 The Conservative-led Government felt that 13 straight years of increases was enough.

 Since coming to power the Government has provided funding to all councils which choose to freeze council tax.

 Sunderland Council is selling the freeze as its doing. However, this raises the question of why did it not go for nil increases as repeatedly proposed by local Conservatives during the so-called good years before 2010?

 They did not beause like the Labour Government they had an insatiable appetite for tax and spend.

Hilary Johnson

Search for Arthur

IF anyone knows the whereabouts of Arthur Taylor, last known address Castle Stables, Arundale, West Sussex, could they please telephone me.

Johanna Cooke,

07534 965500