Letters, Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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EU has no room for democracy

THE people of Switzerland have just voted to end Freedom of Movement from 28 EU member states.

 This brought an immediate response from within the EU Commission, offering threats and consequences.

 The EU doesn’t have any time for democracy. It gets in the way of the grand plan for a United States of Europe.

 Labours EU election candidate Jude Kirton-Darling is also someone who disrespects democracy or does not understand it (February 3).

 Freedom of movement is now reported to be the top public issue.

 Ms Kirton-Darling continues to offer more of the same – uncontrolled access to the country, its job market and its welfare.

 On the same night, Leslie Scott reminded all those questioning our membership how wrong they are. He also made it clear, in his world at least, that political integration, subcontracted sovereignty, inability to control our border, having the welfare infrastructure open to 430million other EU citizens, is good for trade as it allows our exports to enjoy a no tariff into Europe.

 As he mentioned the motor business, it’s worth pointing out that the UK is Mercedes’ biggest market after its own.

 Then there is BMW, Audi, VW, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Volvo and others, who enjoy great success in this country.

 Trade trumps politics, Mr Scott.

 Since 1973, Labour and Conservatives, aided and abetted by Lib Dems, would have joined us up to the Euro.

 They have mislead the voters of this country at every step of our journey – destination being a federal Europe.

 Some people it appears will never get this.

Kenneth Jefferson,


Preserving past for the future

WHAT an interesting article on the war memorial move at Murton Victoria Club in Thursday’s edition of the Sunderland Echo, February 6.

 I would like to add the names of other dedicated people who helped to preserve Murton’s War Memorial for future generations.

 Thanks go to Murton Royal British Legion Club committee and club members for granting permission for Murton Heritage Society to remove the three Murton Mining Federation Rolls of Honour into storage.

 George Maitland organised the move with the help of Murton Parish Council, assisted by Colin Dobson and his dedicated team, on a blustery December day.

 Colin and his staff are highly praised for a difficult and heavy project to save The Rolls of Honour. Without the intervention of Durham County Councillors, Joyce Maitland and Alan Napier, in organising Housing and Regeneration specialists, Keepmoat, who did the move on behalf of East Durham Homes, so quickly, as Murton Victoria Club was about to close.

 Without their help, Murton Heritage Society may have had problems removing the memorial and plaques from the club in time.

 Barry Meters, construction manager for Keepmoat, and other members of his staff did a sterling job in dismantling the memorial and putting it into storage. A project which brought their construction skills and experience to the fore to save valuable and treasured war memorials.

 June Naylor, Maureen Haswell, Janice Short, Andrew Naylor, and all other members of The Big Club committee, and club members are commended and thanked by Murton Heritage Society for their generosity and support in allowing the memorial and plaques to be preserved alongside the Royal British Legion Club Rolls of Honour.

 Northumbrian Water is also thanked for allowing Derek Gibson time to help with the removal.

 Our society is indebted to Murton Parish Council and Durham Country Council, for their invaluable assistance in all our projects and photographic exhibitions.

 The support and dedication we have received from everyone involved in both projects is astonishing and much appreciated, especially in this the 100th anniversary of the start of The First World War.

Keith Wren,

Murton Heritage Society

Silence reigns over closure

I HAVE read quite a lot about police station closures due to cut backs but I have not heard one word from all the MPs councillors and the police themselves about Southwick Police Station, which has been closed for years.

 This station cost millions to build not so long ago and then was closed – why?

 It was hailed as the new centre piece for the police in the North East.

 Yet within a very short time it was closed without any comment to the public.

 Who paid for it?

 Gill Bridge Police Station is a victorian building which belongs in the dark-ages.

 So, why not move operations just over the bridge?

Dave Rogers

Put country up for sponsorship

I PASSED a roundabout at Easington Village the other day on which was a notice asking if I would sponsor the said roundabout.

 I thought what a good idea.

 Would it not be a good idea to put a big sign on the cliff tops with 20ft-high letters so passing shipping can see, saying: “Would you like to sponsor Britain?” Just a thought.

 If Scotland leaves the union will that mean less tax for us sassenaches to pay, or will the EU just put our ‘rent’ up?

 I see that George Clooney is calling for the British Museum to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece.

 If they do, will it not make a good case for us Geordies to reclaim the Lindisfarne Gospels, back from the British Library?

 We might even get the Adelaide back, but hopefully after the Aussies have renovated it.

R Tomlinson,


Night shift stops me having ticket

I READ Mick The Pen’s rant rearding the cup final tickets and I disagree with him.

 He says too many people jump on the bandwagon and want to go to Wembley.

 I am pretty annoyed about what he wrote.

 I have been attending games for many years without a season ticket. The reason being, I work night shift and simply cannot get to every game. I would be paying for games I know I couldn’t attend. So does Mick The Pen think that I should be chastised because of my job?

 The other issue is the cost.

 Not everyone is a lucky as The Pen, the majority simply cannot afford to travel all over the country to watch SAFC.

 I have no doubt that he is a true fan, but even he must admit it does cost a fortune to go to games in the South.

 Unfortunately, Wembley isn’t big enough, Sunderland could fill it three times over.

 I can’t get at ticket. I wish I was going.

Mr A Hayes,


Not poor relations

AFTER reading about the meeting taking place at the Burn Hotel between Sunderland City Council and Persimmon Housing Group, I wondered: What is the point?

 No one will listen to the residents from the Houghton area that may have objections to the building of a further 63 houses on one of the few remaining fields in what was once a small town on the outskirts of the ever-growing, sprawling, all encompassing monster that is the City of Sunderland.

 We all know the powers that be – Sunderland Council – have already made their minds up.

 It doesn’t matter how many objectors or indeed how plausible their objections may be and it doesn’t matter that the schools, doctors, dentists are struggling to cope.

 Enough is enough. It’s time Sunderland Council listened to what the people of Houghton have to say.

 It is time the council stopped treating us like its poor relations.

M Cardle