Letters, Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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Time to stop lying to British public

IT is difficult to know if the British public have been lied to more about the European Union or immigration.

 The last three prime ministers, Blair, Brown and Cameron, have all stated that multiculturalism isn’t working in this country.

 Blair admitted operating an open door immigration policy, which was a carefully orchestrated plan, designed to neuter our culture and traditions and produce a truly multicultural Britain by deliberately changing the demographic union of this country.

 We are not dealing in thousands of immigrants, we are looking at millions over the last 10 years.

 At least we know who to blame – Blair started it, Brown endorsed it, and Cameron has done nothing about it.

 In Bulgaria you can buy a “British passport” and come to “open all hours” Britain. In fact the people smugglers can get anyone into the country.

 New Labour’s past estimates of 13,000 from Poland turned out to be circa one million.

 So we should be prepared for another avalanche.

 We long ceased to control our own borders. We can no longer ensure that people allowed into the country have a job to go to and accommodation waiting.

 We have circa 15,000 people in jail who were not born in this country, but we are not allowed to deport them. Although France deports, within 24 hours, any foreigner who commits a crime.

 The politicians and some financial experts say immigration is good for the economy. If it is so good, why are we struggling with our overstretched services? Why are we going to dig our green belts up to house them? Why are we paying child benefit to children in other countries?

 Why does it take 10 years and £10million to deport a terrorist?

 Why has he been allowed to leave eight kids behind for us to keep?

 In the 1970s, Harold Wilson stated he had renegotiated terms for Britain and advised the electorate to remain in the Common Market.

 The referendum then was to stay in a trading block – nothing more.

 Now we go into further negotiations of repatriating powers from the EU.

 We could start by refusing entry to the Romanians and Bulgarians that are not already here.

 If politicians are genuine, why not reclaim all our powers back by leaving the EU immediately?

Gordon Tomlinson

Lack of good stores

I AM not sure why Ralph Arnold, of Seaham, (Sunderland Echo, February 9) is so upset at the closure of Crowtree Leisure Centre.

 Sunderland is very well served for leisure facilities with excellent centres at Hendon (Raich Carter), Monkwearmouth (the Aquatic Centre), Bunny Hill, Silksworth and Hetton, as well as the private facilities at Doxford Park.

 By contrast, the city is let down by a dearth of good quality stores, hence the exodus of shoppers to Gateshead, Newcastle and even Middlesbrough.

 This is something that the demolition of Crowtree and the subsequent redevelopment will, hopefully, help to redress.

 He would be better advised to lend his support to efforts to improve the leisure facilities in his home town.

 Seaham doesn’t have a swimming pool, an all-weather football pitch or even a tennis court. Its near 25,000 residents have to rely on one outdated 1960s-built leisure centre as its main recreational facility.

Bryan Mayhew,


Close the border

I COMPLETELY agree with Mr Gillon’s letter stating that politicians are a cynical, soulless lot, but I would go further and add that they are greedy and stupid too.

 Greedy because having milked their expenses for all they are worth and refused to reduce the number of MPs, they are now chasing a £20,000 salary increase.

 They are stupid because they have wasted time and effort rushing through the gay marriage bill, which concerns about 0.06 of the population and interests even fewer, but reneged on a manifesto promise to allow married couples a tax benefit. They are also stupid because they allow hundreds of thousands of unvetted Eastern Europeans access to our country, our jobs and our benefits while they forbid a skilled Australian to stay here on the grounds that he may take a job.

 They have, without thought of how the visitors will be housed, fed, educated or cared for, granted access to the poorest people in Europe, to the UK from 2014.

 Outside of Westminster we all realise that with current unemployment at about 2,000,000 and the UK benefit bill alone, we are exceeding our total tax take.

 We can all see that social services, hospitals and schools cannot cope now, but with more cuts in the pipeline and another influx from the EU, it must surely be too much even for Great Britain to bare.

 Two million visitors are employed in the UK, which proves we are not bad hosts. Would it be so bad if for once the UK closed its borders on January 1, 2014?

Bill Wise,