Letters, Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Training courses leading nowhere

I AND others of my ilk, ie unemployed, are currently languishing on yet another “training” course that entails taking two years out of your life for little or no reward, apart from bus-fare reimbursements.

 Now after about 15 months on this course, I have spent about six hours in the actual building and the total amount of training is even less than zero. There has never been any training of consequence, apart from the updating of my curriculum vitae by the staff with some wildly exaggerated inaccuracies about my past jobs and experiences, which I have pointed out to no purpose.

 I must now earn them their money by being sent on yet another “training” course to be taught a skill in which there is, once more, no relevance to my previous professions. I will definitely pass the course, thus earning this new commerce money for them accommodating me over the next six months with zero recompense for all of my work for them (apart from bus fares as previously mentioned).

 It is a jobsearch scheme to append my two or three visits to the local job centre

 All this palaver will once again be a waste of time as I personally know of only one person gaining employment from one of these courses. Gallingly, it is also of no use to the Government, as we are still classed as unemployed and so the employment figures will not be affected as in earlier types of training schemes.

Andy Kapp,


Stretching the line

I’M very concerned to hear that the newly-elected PCC Vera Baird has appointed a deputy PCC.

 I have always suspected that Ms Baird would not be interested in fulfilling her obligations as a PCC on a full-time basis and now with a deputy in place will be able to return to her home in London leaving her deputy to carry the can.

 The public should be entitled to know why he is being appointed? What he will do? How much will he earn and from where?

 This is a needless role and on top of a CEO and treasurer yet to come.

 I’m sure taxpayers would be also keen to know how she intends to fund all the shops and salaries of the workers that she has plans for. Raising our Council Tax precept perhaps?

 The thin blue line is stretched enough – surely any public monies spent should be spent reinforcing police resources and not appointing another needless bureaucrat, or opening a ridiculous PCC shopping chain?

Phil Butler

Conservative PCC Candidate

All out of touch

YOU have to laugh when W Quinn tries to defend two men and a party which has done so much to undermine Britain, especially England.

 However, W Quinn still maintains the utilities were public and not state owned. Perhaps they can explain their reasoning behind this?

 If they want to talk about theft, how about Gordon Brown stealing £150billion from the pensions of private sector workers?

 As for the Tories favouring the rich, thanks to a cosy little arrangement with the Labour Government, Private Equity and Hedge Fund millionaires paid tax at a rate of 10 per cent, while the people who cleaned their offices saw their taxes rise with the abolition of the 10p tax band.

 W Quinn should face the fact that Labour are as remote and out of touch as the Tory party.

M Brown

Pay for your own

MR PORTHOUSE and Dixon, of St Chad’s Labour Party are going on about the newsletters.

 As far as I am aware, the local Conservatives pay for their own, unlike the Labour Party, where all of Sunderland has to pay for theirs.

 They talk about working together to save the people money, well they could start by stopping the £200,000 per year we pay for the Labour Party reps inside of civic centre, and all the other anomalies and perks going to staff.

 We could save a fortune if we started in the civic centre first.

G Liddle,


Share the wealth

HAVING followed the writings of W Quinn, I have come to the conclusion that he is unconsciously a capitalist wanting to share any wealth created by others, but not with those worse off than himself. Has he calculated (in pounds per year) how much each individual can expect from the society he envisages and will he tell us who is included?

N Bohill,

Seaburn Dene

An amazing night

ON November 23 we held a tribute for Peter to mark his 10-year memory and to celebrate his amazing trust fund.

 Can I send out a heartfelt thank you for making Peter’s tribute night one to remember. Thanks to Amore for making this night so special and to Scott for the entertainment.

 We raised £1,200, truly amazing. A thousand pounds of this will go to the Echo Toy Appeal and the remaining £200 will buy selection boxes for the Salvation Army to hand out.

 It was such a emotional night for all but to raise this wonderful amount made it all worthwhile.

 I am sure Peter will be very proud of what we achieve in his name and his memory will live on forever.

Julie Reay