Letters, Wednesday, December, 18, 2013

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Shocking that we need food banks

APPARENTLY there is going to be a Parliamentary debate on the issue of food poverty.

 This is as a result of the immense effort of Jack Munroe, who after finding herself in an impoverished situation (no food or heating and a child to look after) has got together a petition and enough signatures to bring about a discussion on the issue in the House of Commons.

 This comes after Michael Gove implied that people visiting food banks most probably did not budget properly or make the right financial decisions, implying therefore that it was their own fault.

 It also comes after David Cameron, last year, indicated that food banks are the ‘Big Society’ in action (therefore nothing to do with zero-hour contracts, the bedroom tax, the lack of jobs etc).

 We just cannot wait for the response as to why in this day and age so many people are having to visit food banks.

Lesley Aitch

William Craddock was man of people

I WAS disappointed that there was not mention of the fact that William Craddock was awarded an MBE in the Echo’s feature on page 10 on December 10: Tributes to gentleman and Mayor.

 His lifetime achievements included the launch of a ship in Japan: The City of Sunderland, helping us bond with the people who brought Nissan to our area.

  Bill was a close friend and I can tell you, Mr Craddock was the Nelson Mandela of our area. He always remained humble and willing to perform the most menial of tasks, even pamphlet distribution.

 I would also like to add that I was confident that my Nomination to the Honours and Appointments Secretariat would have William knighted.

 However, while I corresponded with the Cabinet Office for a long time with every approval, they were forced to abandon the request when Bill’s medical condition was confirmed.

 William Craddock MBE was one of the very few people in our country who always put everyone else before himself. He helped many people solve a multitude of problems every day of his mature years.

 I salute a true Angel of the North: William Craddock MBE.

Jim Chambers,


Restraint needed over 50% rise

IN the national newspapers on December 10, Ed Miliband was urging the Prime Minister to reject the 11 per cent pay rise awarded to MPs.

 One Labour MP said: “MPs’ pay should rise in line with public sector workers.”

 Ed Miliband should look to Sunderland’s Labour Council and urge restraint and common sense over the award of a 50 per cent increase accepted by the Deputy Mayor, St Chad’s Councillor Stuart Porthouse.

Peter O’Connor

There’s no excuse for falling pregnant

I HAVE just read the saga of Keith McDonald having put 11 girls in the family way.

 I know that he should be punished, but what I can’t get over is that it is a well-known fact that a woman has no excuse for falling pregnant.

 To prove my point, I asked my granddaughter if I was correct.

 She told me she knew at least six girls that had fallen pregnant on purpose. They had no feelings for the lads, they just want a house, a pram and then get half the poor lads’ wages. There are so many ways that girls can avoid getting pregnant.

Name withheld

I’ll take a toy boy

I KNOW I’m not the only one – saints’ preserve us.

 But why, when I answer the phone, does a sing song voice asks me if I require a new kitchen or new doors?

 I politely tell them that if I did I would go to B&Q (get a discount).

 When a sing song voice on Sunday asked me about life insurance, I was really fed up. At 82 years of age I told the sing song voice I was more interested in a toy boy.

Ganny Grunt,