Letters, Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

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Give us an arena, not supermarkets

IT is common knowledge that the Tory Government really do not care about the North East of England and even more so Sunderland.

It feels as if it’s a city that David Cameron would just rather ignore than develop. The City of Sunderland Council also don’t help the city out at all in any way. The fact that they were going to sell the Vaux site to Tesco is ridiculous.

We should try and make Sunderland a new and exciting city that people from other parts of the country would choose to travel to instead of just coming up now and again to watch their football team play ours.

But instead of that, the Government is more concerned about building a new supermarket on every single corner. Sure, it will create a few jobs but it’s not exactly anything ground-breaking and makes the city look even more depressing.

We’ve seen how much money the city makes when the Stadium of Light hosts a concert each year, so why not build an arena especially designed for just that? Newcastle has the Metro Arena and the 02 Academy and I think something like that should be built in Sunderland. It’s not enough to just host a few small music gigs now and again in a local club.

This would surely create jobs and also bring in some much-needed money to the area as well as giving people something to do. Make Sunderland a city that is alive with entertainment instead of a place that’s alive with supermarkets.

David Huntley

Plain English

AS aa write – sorry, type – this latest epistle, it’s been brought to me attention that Friday, December 9, wes National Plain English Day and if that wes plain English aa din’t knaa what is.

Now ye’s’ll all be wondering why Aa’m writing as Aa talk an’ Aa’ll be glad te elucidate good people, cos ye see, ower on the net wu had the Echo website which had a forum te talk te each other electronically wirout having te turn the page and whee’s there? Mick “the Pen” Brown wirris usual stuff, burre’s crossed the line (once more) by picking on Little Billy Craggs (hence me writing in the vernacular) an he sez “Billy mangle’s the Queen’s English” (sticking up forra now, eh Mick?)

Now Aa had te purrim reet, online that is, so Aa sez “Mick! up here wu have the purest English cos it hasn’t been polluted by French influence like it has ‘dahn sarf’ an’ ye can ask any learned English language scholar an’ thu’ll agree wirrus”.

Not once but twice Aa had te purrim reet and there’s been nee repudiation from Mick as he knaas Aa’m reet again and as it wes National Plain English Day I thowt I’d put me penny’s worth in for to help the uneducated folk (hi Mick!).

So there wu gan, Little Billy Craggs, Aa hope ye read this in the Echo as Aa din’t think he’s gorron te ye in the Letters Page bur Aa’ve stuck up for ye and our “truest” English language an’ the way wu taalk up here.

Alan “The Quill” Vincent, Old Penshaw

Thanks for support

ON Saturday, March 19, myself and friends attended a dinner at the Roker Hotel which we had organised for the Help for Heroes Charity.

With the help of Barclays Bank (£3.5k) we managed to raise the magnificent sum of £9,700.

I would like to take this opportunity (albeit late due to correspondence difficulties) to thank everyone who was involved in the organisation and especially all who attended the event.

The monies raised are being used to build a care centre for our injured heroes at Catterick Garrison.

Thank you once again for supporting this very worthy cause.

Michael Harney, Barnes, Sunderland

Free speech?

YOUR report “Councillors seek permission to talk” (December 6) made me realise why I was glad that the Conservative Party did not win the General Election.

Recently we have had a good friend of the Prime Minister telling us that he would like to see members of trade unions taken out and shot in front of their families (joke?).

Also he said that bodies should be left on railway lines so that he and his friends would not be delayed on their journeys (another good joke?)

We now have a local leader of the Conservative Party saying that councillors should not be allowed to speak on matters because they are members of the trade union.

In order to improve our economic situation and promote growth in the economy we are going to have new laws which will enable employers to sack workers without notice for no reason.

I am sure Mr Putin would welcome a return to power of this new Conservative Party.

Mike Brennan, Ryhope Road, Sunderland