Letters, Wednesday, August 7th, 2012

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Time to get rid of the royal layabouts

Since we continue to read letters from admirers of the monarchy, I think that it is only right that the republican side be allowed to respond.

What is the origin and nature of the strange spell that the monarchy exerts on so many people in this country? I can’t be the only one who is mystified by it.

Arthur E. Steel argues that the fact that Prince Harry has been to Afghanistan is to his credit. Well, anyone who would venture to a land that has been the graveyard of powerful nations and empires for centuries undoubtedly deserves some plaudits, but to what extent was Prince Harry really put in harm’s way out there?

Was he shielded from the dangers faced by his fellow soldiers who do not happen to be the lucky recipients of hereditary privilege?

Mr Steel then says that the Queen and her consort “put in one hell of a shift over the Jubilee celebrations”, with the latter even struggling manfully from his hospital bed to be by her side.

Well, being ferried about in plush cars to give a mechanical wave of the arm to dewy-eyed admirers doesn’t seem to me to constitute particularly hard graft, I must say.

I also wonder what kind of treatment and attention Prince Philip will have received during his stay in hospital. There can’t have been much danger of him dying of thirst in an NHS hospital as happened to one poor man recently.

The British monarchy is the apex of a corrosive British class system.

Britain will always remain a socially unequal society for as long as we continue to idolise a family that, quite apart from its most serious sin of supporting Neville Chamberlain’s foolish policy of Appeasement, is largely comprised of dullards and layabouts.

Wesley Crossland,

Dovedale Road,


Regina monologue

I read with disgust the letter in the Echo last week about our Queen and the royal family.

The person made his views quiet clear that he wanted to get rid of our Queen. I thank the Lord that he is in the minorty.

The Queen does excellent work for the British people both here and abroad. She promotes the country at all times.

As for his comments about her surname being originally of German descent, more than 75 per cent of royalty in Europe have a German heritage.

I, for one, who has taken the Queen’s shilling with the British Army, was proud to serve the Queen and the British people in Northern Ireland and Kosovo.

Did he not see the reaction of the British people on her latest tour? They turned up in their thousands to cheer her.

Leave her alone. The lass is magic.

Scott Andrews,

Wilkinson Terrace,


A taxing family

Well said Michael Dodds. The royal press machine makes them all out to be there through divine providence, when in truth, they’re just a bunch of freeloading parasites: Diana, a great mother, wife, and all around saint? Every time I picked up the paper she was either on the slopes or on the beach without the hubby or kids.

Let’s not forget Edward and Wallace. A true love story. He was a mate of Hitler. Anyone else would have been hung for treason.

Andrew swans around the world playing golf at the taxpayers’ expense. Edward and his missus do nothing – again at the taxpayers’ expense.

Zara and her mum represent Britain at the Olympics at the expense of a couple of more talented horsey people.

Ged Taylor,

High Barnes,


Getting the lip on

I THOUGHT Mick The Pen’s recent letter was nothing more than an attempt to cause more controversy on the Letter’s Page, so I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t.

I would just like to say that young men are more responsible for accidents on Wearside’s roads than women are.

As for women-only parking bays, I am flabbergasted by his suggestion. If this was to happen there would be less parking spaces as there are more women who go shopping in Debenhams than men, so it would reduce the size of the car park.

It is the most ridiculous idea I have every heard and makes all women look stupid.

I have never seen any ladies putting lipstick on while they are driving, but I have seen men eating sandwiches and pasties with one hand on the wheel which is just as bad.

I think they should be banned.

For many years now Mick The Pen has taken the mick out of the public.

I cannot understand why the Echo would print such a letter. A female editor would not have given it the time of day.

Ms E. Ord

Mere Knolls Road