Letters, Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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North East short of affordable homes

ONCE again we have a gathering of protesters who are against a proposal to develop a number of houses (Echo, July 25). What is wrong with these people, have they not heard of progress?

 If these people have their way, we would still be living in prefabs. How many of these protesters are living in rented flats? I would guess they are living in their comfortable, private homes and are against first-time buyers getting onto the property ladder.

 They claim they have 60 objectors to this plan. Can I suggest that the vast majority of people, when approached to sign a petition, will sign whether they agree or not.

 Not so long ago we had similar objections to a Burdon Lane development, which is now being developed by a well-known builder who is building affordable homes without disruption to the surrounding area.

 I have since learned that these Burdon Lane protesters live in close proximity of Burdon Lane in their own homes.

 I would like to know if there were any protesters when their homes were being built?

 The North East is crying out for more homes.

 May I suggest that if these protesters have nothing more constructive to complain about, their time would be better spent volunteering their services to one of our many charities in town.

A Seymour,

High Barnes

Join our walk event

DO you love the great outdoors, great big laughs and great times with your friends and family?

 We need enthusiastic, fun and chatty people to join us as Milesmakers at our big, beautiful walking event, Miles for Macmillan in Herrington Country Park on Sunday, September 1. Not only will you have a great day out but you will be making sure our walkers are fully supported, helping them to raise thousands of pounds to support people affected by cancer in your community.

 Miles for Macmillan is Macmillan Cancer Support’s national fund-raising walking event which is supported by Boots UK.

 If you’re interested in volunteering, visit www.macmillan.org.uk/milesmakers. Alternatively, call Macmillan’s fund-raising support centre on 0300 1000 200 or email milesmakers@macmillan.org.uk

Jane Curry and Sarah Goldie, Macmillan fund-raising manager for Sunderland, South Tyneside and Gateshead

Information missing

NOW that another successful Airshow is over, a small but important point for next year.

 I had relations from down South interested in attending, so wanted some information to send them. I visited the main library in Fawcett Street, no one had any information. I was referred to the Council Advice Centre next door, who then referred me to the Information Centre Board, a pathetic wall display and no leaflets.

 So I rang the Civic Centre, and after some discussion, I was told everything was on the website. As a senior citizen and not computer literate, I find this shambolic – not everyone has a computer.

 To complete the saga, a full programme of events over the three days was published in the Sunderland Echo on Saturday, July 27 – better late than never.

Name and address supplied

Too hot for combats

CONGRATULATIONS on yet another successful Airshow.

 However, was it necessary for air training cadets, some as young as 13 years, to be dressed in full combat kit, including very heavy boots, taking into account how hot it was?

 After recent tragedies in Wales, I do not think it was wise. These children were there 10 hours on Saturday and 12 hours on Sunday in full kit.

 There has been much talk about money coming into the economy, surely, then they could have been issued with commemorative T-shirts.

 Incidentally, the officer in charge was not in combats and managed to keep cool while showing off his designer sunglasses.

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