Letters, Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Alls not quiet on the Seaburn front

It appears plans are afoot to redevelop Seaburn seafront over the coming decade.

However, there is no looking to tender for the best possible plan for the long overdue development of the declining site. Instead, the council seems intent on buying up pockets until acquiring the entire plot from the arcade to the sad and deserted fairground. Then what is the grand plan?

Your guess is as good as mine, for Sunderland City Council has little in the way of disposable income to plough into such a project.

Surely if it had, the Vaux site wouldn’t have stood empty for so long only to be turned into a car park.

The planned “Homeside Triangle” plot wouldn’t be as devastating to businesses in the area as Bermuda’s is to light aircraft.

The council should – within reason – allow companies with money to invest and build a future for this city. It had already turned down a proposal to remedy the failing and neglected seafront with investment from a consortium – only to presumably want to go ahead with something similar itself.

In these hard financial times allow those with the money to try to improve things.

Release some businesses from over-the-top restrictions. Don’t impose meaningless health and safety on small, often struggling firms just to suit the preferences of some jumped-up inspectors.

A bit of common sense will get us out of this mess and business moving forward again.

G Engel

High Barnes

Flag up a problem

The loss of the Blue Flag at Roker beach is once again a reminder that all is not well with the sewerage system in Sunderland.

The surprising aspect of this action by the Environment Agency shows that the sampling of the bathing waters around our coasts is and always has been flawed.

The tests taken at Roker last year were the basis for that beach to be granted the Blue Flag for this year.

Yet, while bathers were swimming, they were being exposed to heavily-polluted waters swarming with colonies of intestinal Enterococi.

One cannot be surprised, especially when beaches at Seaburn and Roker were only given Blue flag status on May 15. Is it not time that Sunderland City Council issued a notice of statutory nuisance against Northumbria Water as they are responsible for the health and well-being of residents and visitors to the beaches?

The news that the Seachange programme is continuing to improve Roker seafront is encouraging. However, this latest pollution report has give a new meaning to the programme.

Perhaps it should be renamed Seaclean.

Coun George Howe

Fulwell Ward

Getting air-rate

Two years running I have had to pay to leave my home in Roker to get away from all the hassle of the airshow.

Last year, it cost me about £500 for four days away.

Now this year, on the Saturday, we went to Whitby and had a lovely day. On Sunday, we went to Barnard Castle, then on to Stanhope. Just as we were leaving on Sunday morning, we had a power cut. In the afternoon, a neighbour phoned and said the electric repair men might have to dig my drive up, so we had to get back ASAP.

When we got back home at 4pm, the repairmen told us they have had to stand around from 1pm until the airshow finished at 6pm and the cars were moved to dig up the paths.

Those men worked non-stop to get our supply back on. It took until about 2am to complete. The job would have been finished at 7pm if it was not for the cars.

Now this morning I have received a parking notice of £90 for being 20 minutes over-parked at Whitby.

Now can you understand me being angry and against this airshow. I think I should put bill into the council. Just wait until the next election.

Mr T


Wonderful people

I WOULD like to express my extreme gratitude for all the help and assistance provided by the paramedics and staff 
at Sunderland Royal Hospital, family members and dear neighbours, Colin and Celia 
for doing their utmost to attend to my mother and effectively save her life after her fall on July 17.

 Without their quick thinking and intervention she would no longer be with us to warm us with her smile and unerring sense of humour?

 So a big “thank you” from all of her family who simply cannot bear the thought of our mam not being here with us.

I would also like to thank all of those who took the time to send cards and get well messages which spurred her on to fight for another day.

Joanna Kearney