Letters, Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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Help out garage, don’t hinder it

I WAS sorry to read about the difficulties facing Mr Hepple and his garage in Ryhope. I do hope that Sunderland Council will be able to find a way of assisting him, and to encourage rather than hinder his businesss.

 I lived for 12 years within yards of his premises. Although the article in the Echo (August 10) states that the council is unable to help him because he is not engaged in ‘manufacture’, the word should be enlarged in scope, to allow it to do so.

 Mr Hepple has manufactured jobs for over a quarter of a century. He has manufactured training and opportunities for many young people (including some with special needs), and he has helped to manufacture security in a part of Ryhope which was under the influence of ill-meaning gangs of young men who used to congregate there, and who caused considerable damage to his property and operations in the earlier days. He and his staff should be commended for their good influence.

 Where else do you suggest I take my car, if I want work done by mechanics, rather than just fitters, promptly and reasonably, without extra, unnecessary work being found in the process, if it is not to be The Garage on the Green?

 Mr Hepple provides jobs, training, and opportunities for people. The city desperately needs these, and he should be helped to continue to do this.

Dr David Inglesby

Site is an eyesore

THE citizens of Ryhope, and especially the residents of Grey and Gordon Terrace, have a big problem and that is the eyesore created by the euphemistically named, The Garage on the Green.

 Over the last two years the problem of permanently parked cars has steadily grown and has been the subject of numerous complaints to the authorities.

 The latest information given was that the area would be cleared by August 1.

 This has not happened – only the cars with for sale details have been removed.

 On Friday, August 9, the council placed four flower containers on part of the area concerned. This unfortunately has had no effect at all with the same large breakdown truck and a car parked between the containers.

 The only answer, since it would appear legal action is not being considered, is for bollards to be placed around the site so there is no access for vehicles of any kind.

 Let us all hope this happens in the very near future.

Concerned resident

Concern over cars

AS a resident for more than 60 years living opposite The Garage on the Green, I am greatly concerned and upset by the vast number of parked cars in front of my home over the last two years.

 I agree that the garage is an asset, and, up to a couple of years ago, the owner had managed to conduct his business without any trouble.

 On occasions more than 20 cars have been on this area, blocking the pavement and obscuring vision for pedestrians and vehicles.

 It would appear that these cars are mainly for sale and not for repair, MOT or maintenance.

 For a few hours this week the area was clear and a pleasure to look at and an asset to the village.

 Unfortunately, the cars and a large pick-up truck have now returned to the site.

 I would be grateful and give full support to any means of keeping this area as it should be.

Grey Terrace sufferer

Double standards

AFTER the stand off with the owner of The Garage on the Green at Ryhope, over the parking on land next to the main road, I presume the council is going to follow it up with a clampdown on the bouncers.

 Someone needs to stop them parking their cars etc on the double yellow lines in the bus stops in Vine Place, which would be a big help if you happen to be disabled, or the squad of taxis parked on the main Durham Road/Albion Place roundabout.

 This seems to me a case of double standards yet again.

Ralph Arnold, Seaham