Letters, Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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Sad to hear The Point is no more

I WAS saddened to hear about the forfeiture notice that has been placed on the doors of, arguably the largest public house in Sunderland, if not the North East, The Point.

 I remember the ABC and its subsequent closure some years ago, which eventually led to the place being totally gutted. I must say some work has gone into it and, personally, I liked the dark brooding décor, which reminded me of the old days of my early drinking.

 When Arizona opened some seven years ago it was an expensive place until the manager started a happy hour with drinks priced at 99p until 10pm. It was then the place took off, strangely though the drinkers were all in their 40s and older. It was not until said happy hour finished that younger folk would pile in, pay £3.25 for a bottle of what looked like pop and proceed to jump about holding the aforementioned bottles but rarely drinking, which was a wee bit weird to my older way of thinking.

 Over the next seven years, prices gradually rose to a heady £1.50 although still cheap for a city centre. Folk would pop next door to the Purple bar to be served on a Saturday night as the place really took off until it was sold to the new owners. However, all was not well as the prices shot up to £2 and it was then that many of the old crowd of drinkers deserted the place to search for pastures new.

 Some of us did look in of an evening, but where once you could not get served you were met with a crowd of about 20-plus on a Saturday.

 Even the introduction of food did nothing to stem the tide of folk leaving until on the final night, there were just two people on the floor imbibing ales.

 I only hope the rumours are true and that it will open its doors again, hopefully, in a better format with some decent music rather than that ‘kiddy stuff’ they used to blast out.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

Selfish motorists

IT’S only right that Sunderland Council is making 60 streets permit holder only for match days.

 These lazy, selfish car-owners do not want to be inconvenienced by having to travel on public transport – it’s beneath them.

 Some of them would park at the turnstile if possible so they don’t have the stress of walking too far.

 If I go to a match I leave the car at home – simple. Anyone caught parking illegally on match days should be fined £200that will get the message across.

John ‘The Pun’ Watson

Good investment

IT is good news that Grand Central has been granted a 10-year extension for its Sunderland to London rail services. As a regular user I know it already provides a good, value for money service, which facilitates travel not just to London but (via York) to other parts of the country as well.

 The promised investment in the trains themselves and the stations they serve will all help to improve further an already good service.

 Here’s to the next 10 years!

Coun Peter Wood,

St Michael’s ward