Letters, Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

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I want 2011 airshow to be the last

I AGREE with Linda Colling’s column about the recent airshow. Many residents of Fulwell, Roker, South Bents and Whitburn are sick and tired of the chaos that this event brings each year.

The area becomes a virtual no-go area with all the road closures, parking restrictions and terrible traffic jams at the start and end of each show.

This year, when money is supposed to be short, the event started a day earlier, which must have added a tidy sum to the cost to the council tax payers.

I wonder why it is felt necessary to hold the event each year when the format is pretty much the same, ie various aircraft flying back and forth and people jumping out of aircraft? The most famous British airshow, at Farnborough, has only been held every two years for a long time now, so could we not have a long interval between shows if they must be held at all?

The event is advertised as the biggest “free” airshow in Europe, but the cost must surely be borne by the council tax payers. We never see any figures as to how much it has cost, but the pay for the aircraft, security, police overtime, loudspeaker systems, traffic signs, rubbish clearance etc must be enormous.

It is reported that the show brings money to the local economy, but this is mainly the shops, hotels and guest houses but not into the city’s purse.

On a more pessimistic but realistic note, almost every airshow venue has had an aircraft accident at some time or another. Fortunately we have not had one at Sunderland, although the harrier jet which performed here a few years ago did crash at a show the following week.

Why do we tempt fate by having these shows? It only takes two aircraft to touch or a wing to snap (not unknown) for a tragic accident to happen.

Please could the 2011 show be the last.

Brian Young, South Bents

Individual choice

I HAVE read in the Echo about the suffering of nearby residents of the airshow and I have every sympathy for the problems.

I also read Linda Colling’s column on August 2 on the same subject – so eloquently written as usual.

As far as I can see, if you remove the references to the airshow itself, and read in depth the accounts you are left with, you will then get a picture of the aspect of Sunderland which makes all decent local people ether get angry or weep, depending on temperament. No manners, no morals, respect, of so many inhabitants and friends. Various reasons have been put forward for this decline.

The standards by which each of us lives our life comes from within ourselves. Each of us is responsible for how we behave. In the drama of life nature and nurture play major roles, with the backdrop scenery sometimes copied from TV or films.

I know, from my own childhood as the youngest of five children in a family earning a small wage, that poverty is not the villain of the piece

I leave you with two simple words, “nice” and “nasty”. I ask myself often: “Which am I?” It is up to the individual self to decide which is you, now and in the future.

E. M. Holmes, Sunderland

Thanks to staff

I WOULD like to thank Herdman, Chemist in Ryhope, also shop staff and health centre staff for their kindness and generosity towards me, and I would love to thank the lovely people for kindness and generosity who I took medication to.

Mr T. Johnson, Hall Farm Estate

Timing was wrong

I AM a resident of Roker and walk my dog every day down on the beach. From January to June I have watched as the beach has been combed, almost daily, removing pebbles and seaweed and making it look like the natural asset it is. Now we have the well-deserved blue flag for our fabulous beach, so, why has the beach combing stopped?

In the last few weeks we have seen the pavements along the beachfront dug up to be relaid, one of the main set of steps down to the beach dug up and not finished and the beach became covered in seaweed and very unkempt – just in time for the airshow weekend.

It seems that during the summer instead of showcasing our seafront we are turning it into a building site. We were promised these improvements ages ago, so why was all this work not completed prior to the summer holidays? The biggest event of the calendar, the airshow, and our seafront is a mess. The time when families want to use the beach during the summer holidays and they can’t because it is covered in seaweed and we are not looking after it. Why?

So when are the improvements going to be finished and when are the “pods” going to appear? Probably when all the holidays are over and then they will be seen as a waste of money because they won’t get used.

Mrs C. Reay, Roker, Sunderland

Team history

IN seasons 1952-53 and 1953-54, Ryhope CW FC were competing in the Houghton and District Football League. 1952-53 saw the club finish seventh in the league and win the Murton Aged Miners’ Cup. The cup-winning team consisted of Allison, W. Jobling, Scott, Wood, Anderson, Green, Carr, Edwin Howell(s), Tom Castledyne, Sam Heron and Wolfendale, with Gardner and Hall being reserves.

The 1953-54 side finished sixth in the league table and reached the semi-finals of the Seaham Aged Miners’ Cup. Both teams contain notable names which I wonder if any readers recognise.

The players that represented the club over the two seasons are listed below with first names or initials included where known. I am researching the football club’s history and have just completed writing up the events of both seasons.

Although I have completed over 64 years of history, I have very few team photographs of the players who have represented the club over this period.

If anyone recognises any of the names below as fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers etc and has any photographs of teams that may be Ryhope CW FC, I would appreciate it if they would get in touch on the number below.

I will return any photographs in the condition that I receive them.

Players that represented the club include: Allison, R. Anderson, G. Anderson, Allen, Leslie Bulmer, Blackburn, Baker, Bruce, Bell, Bissett, Carr, Tom Castledyne, Calvesburt, R. Donkin, Donnelly, Daniels, Douglas, Edmunds (Edmonds), Ellis, Ferry, Fitzsimmons, Fisher, Frost, Ferguson, Ford, Gooch, Green, Gardner, Sam Heron (Herron), Hall, Hill, Harrison, Hindson, Holyoak, Edwin Howell(s), W. Jobling (Jopling), Latimer, William Lawrence, Lumsdon, McKnight, McNarrey, Milburn, McNally, Marratty, Nicholson, Orr, Pearson, Proud, Ramsey, George Reed (Reid), Robson, Roper, Raeper (Reaper), F. Scott, Sawyer, J. Simms, Smith, W.Thompson, Trewick, Ernie Thirkell (Thurkell), Tumilty, Dick Wardle, Wood, Wolfendale, Welsh, Wilson, Williams.

Good luck to Swaz and the lads for the coming season.

Chris Lindstedt, Tel. 07875 361023

Park opening

I WENT to the grand opening of Diamond Hall Pocket Park on July 28. There was so much to do including hula hooping, a balloon maker and a face painter.

Everyone had a lovely time, because there was free bubbles, drinks and oranges. The park was really good and it was fun to play on, especially the rope pyramid.

I had a lovely afternoon out, and I saw a few of my friends.

Lynette Steel, Age 11

Search Party

I LOST my son 20 years ago when he committed suicide, but before that he had a son to a girl from Sunderland called Lisa Connerley.

I do know she had a second son to someone else and I don’t know if she is married or not.

The reason I wish to get in contact with my grandson is my wife and I are both going on for 78 years old and not in the best of health and we have made a will and can’t finish it until I find my grandson, as I have one son left and two daughters and I think it is only right my grandson gets his father’s share.

I do know Lisa called my grandson Shane, after my son, but I don’t know what his second name is. When I took Lisa home she said it was on Pennywell estate.

J.T. Queen, Queensway House, 40 Front Street, Guide Post, Choppington, Northumberland NE62 5LT

I WOULD like to try and trace family of my great grandfather, James Hay, born in Hendon about 1864.

Also I had an aunt Frances (sister of my grandmother). She married a Walmsley and had seven children.

I lost touch with all of them when I was about 15 and have never been able to trace them.

I have a family tree in Ancestry and have tried through that but to no avail.

I would be very grateful for any help.

Hazel Brooks, email: hazelbrooks@activ8.net.au