Letters, Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Result was boost for all loyal fans

WELL done to every Sunderland fan for creating a memorable, deafening, fantastic atmosphere, before, during and after the derby against Newcastle on Sunday.

 If ever a set of supporters deserve success, then we, the loyal long-suffering fans, deserve it big time.

 I am sure the tremendous support throughout the whole game helped the players, and provided positivity, which the players fed off, which then helped to instil confidence.

 We, the fans, have stuck by the club through thick and thin, and helped create that stupendous atmosphere, giving our all for the club we love.

 It was great to see the celebrations after the game – it was like New Year’s Eve 10 times over.

 The atmosphere around the city after the game was one of jubilation, celebration, and one huge big party.

 Thanks to caretaker manager Dick Advocaat for playing a brave formation, playing three strikers from the start,which resulted in an absolute wonder goal from Jermain Defoe.

 The players deserve all the plaudits for a great performance, with them turning in a stunning display of open attacking football – something which we have rarely seen all season.

 I thought the music played by the DJ at the end of the game was very appropriate. Hot Chocolate’s You Win Again, and 5-4-3-2-1 by Manfred Mann, went down very well.

 Hopefully, Dick Advocaat can steer the club to safety. If he does I would give the very experienced manager the job.

 Ha’way The Lads!

Clive Lee

Looking forward to cooking up a treat

WHEN I was 60 in 2010, I had thoughts of making homemade Christmas puddings and other stuff, but it was all talk no action.

 Now with my 65th birthday approaching on April 15, that talk will become action.

 I’m going to start on a simple dish, quiche, and see how I get on. Others on my list will be Christmas pudding and possibly spotted dick.

 In the past I have tried my hand at making broth, pease pudding and meat pie.

 Even in the 1960s, when I was a school lad, I made a lovely apple pie, the pastry was like biscuit.

 Another recipe I would like to try my hand at is rock buns.

 If I do decide to make Christmas puddings it will be goodbye to shop ones.

 But it’s one step at a time with me trying to make good home stuff.

 To tell the truth I am looking forward to it.

Edwin Robinson,


Council is doing its best for city

I’VE never been a big fan of some of the decisions made by Sunderland City Council but credit where credit is due.

 I can see that the council is trying to drag Sunderland into the 21st century.

 The reintroduction of the illuminations shows that the council does listen to people.

 However, I am wondering if it would be possible to light up Wearmouth Bridge at Christmas time. The bridge is as famous a landmark as Penshaw Monument.

 Also maybe it’s time to bring back a fair on the seafront, surely, somebody would want to use the land.

 It would all help to bring in business to the city.

Kev Stoker

Pets are a comfort

PETS bring such joy to their owners and most of us try to be as responsible as possible with regard to other people’s property.

 It seems to me, however, that we can never win. It is sadly the minority who spoil it for the majority.

 I was sorry to read the letter by the person having a rant about cats causing a mess in gardens and fighting at night.

 The world would be a much sadder place without the love and affection that many of us get from our four-legged friends.

Jeannette Smith