Letters, Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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No room for pride under a fascist

FOR the first time since May 1973 Sunderland Football Club is the lead item on the news.

 This is quite an achievement given that media coverage should have been focusing on controversial welfare and legal reforms which take effect today – reforms which will probably have a greater impact on Sunderland than many places.

 In 1973 much of the nation took Sunderland to their hearts and rejoiced in their unlikely success in winning the FA Cup; in 2013 they are in danger of becoming the most vilified club in the country following its regrettable appointment of Mr Di Canio as its head coach.

 The recent turn of events at the Stadium of Light is distressing for any decent minded Sunderland supporter.

 On Saturday, Sunderland had a quietly spoken, principled, articulate manager – 24 hours later it has a self-confessed fascist.

 It is, of course, untenable to say that sport and politics don’t mix as Mr Di Canio and Sunderland’s chief executive Margaret Byrne seek to do – that seems to be a claim often made by those who are embarrassed by the political consequences of their decision.

 Sunderland supporters are long suffering and have had little to cheer on the football pitch, but despite the many lows and disappointments it has almost always been possible to take some pride in being associated with the football club.

 Until now I have never been embarrassed to be associated with Sunderland Football Club, whatever its fortunes on the pitch.

 Whatever the fortunes on the field are in the next few weeks how can any Sunderland supporter take any pride in this, following this appointment?

 Better to be playing in the championship under Martin O’Neill than to retain its Premiership status under a fascist.

Richard Stevinson,

Sunderland fan

Losing what view?

WHY are residents opposing the building of a multi-storey car park at Sunderland Royal Hospital?

 They say it will spoil the view.What view?

 All they are looking at now is a hospital building. It’s not as if it’s the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or the mountains of Peru. The hospital is crying out for more spaces, so get it built soon.

John ‘the pun’ Watson, Washington

Parking moans

I WAS interested to read about local folk objecting to the building of a car park at Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 Are these the same folk who have objected to cars being parked outside their homes?

David Herring,


Great service

MY partner and I took our dog for a walk on a very wet day to the beach.

 We decided to have a coffee while the rain eased and parked at the Marina in Sunderland.

 The staff at the Snow Goose were wonderful, bringing our coffees and cake out to the car.

 Great service, great coffee and lovely cakes.

 Thank you for the great service.

L Ashcroft