Letters, Wednesday, April 29, 2015

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Small time with a large fan base

TOM Lynn writes about Sunderland’s terrible performances against ordinary sides like Villa, Hull and QPR.

 We didn’t deserve to beat any of these sides because we were less than ordinary and they were better on the day.

 He then goes on about the big crowds and the greatest support in the country.

 Clubs like Spurs and Liverpool would get larger crowds if they had bigger stadiums

 The big crowds have had a disastrous effect on the season.From the neutral’s point of view, watching the majority walk out just after half-time does not show great support, quite the opposite.

 All true fans stop until the final whistle.

 Another point is what would the attendances be if the club wasn’t handing out cheap or free tickets to schools.

 Almost on a weekly basis there is some advert offering tickets.

 Many people in the past have described the club as a sleeping giant.

 Ask any of the big city clubs’ fans what they think of Sunderland and they do not look upon us as big.

 The ones I speak too think of SAFC as small time with a large fan base only because there are only two other clubs in a 40-mile radius.

 I am one of the great fans but I never moan about it – I accept the way it is. Why can’t others?

Mick, The Pen, Brown

Park lake is not a dumping ground

I SEE on my daily stroll through Doxford Park that once again Morrisons trollies can be seen taking a dip in the lake.

 It begs the question, well two actually, why did the company think that people would continue to put their trollies back properly after they had finished doing their shopping if they did not have the incentive of regaining their £1 ‘deposit’? Secondly, I also wonder why it is that people feel the need to wonder up the street with their shopping still in the store trolley and why dump it in the park?

 It shows a complete lack of respect for other people’s property and amount to vandalism in the park.

 The park is lovely place to walk through or sit and enjoy the sunshine and feed the ducks, who I am sure do not feel the need to have trolley stuck in the middle of the lake.

M Miles

Are we at risk of these diseases?

I HAVE been watching Sky news as reporters interview several young men from Africa asking them questions about their plight.

 One answer from these men concerns the diseases that they are running away from.

 So will they and others from these countries bring these diseases to European countries?

Dave Rogers,


Great support for St George’s Day

ON behalf of Easington Lane Communiy Access Point ELCAP, we would like to thank all those who attended our St George’s Day concert on Thursday, April 23, to raise money for our organisation

 More than 130 people came along to listen to Houghton Brass Band.

 Thanks must also go to Tom Gibson and Houghton Brass for giving their time free, Bobby Weirs for the hard work he put in and also to all those who donated raffle prize – Hetton Lyons CC

Richard Grey, Easington Construction, Alan Borthwick, Chris and Terry, our hosts Hetton Big Club and the Friends of ELCAP.

 Once again thanks for your support

Ian Grey