Letters, Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

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City’s wonderful hospital radio team

MAY I thank the people of Radio Sunderland for Hospitals for the very enjoyable time I had recently as a guest on the “My Tune” show, in which several people were invited in to chat about their life and love of music.

The show was part of Hospital Radio Week and coincided with the launch of the station going online (www.radiosunderland.co.uk) and was broadcast via

the station’s studios in Monkwearmouth Hospital.

It was a great pleasure to be back in the studio and to chat to the host and my long-time friend David Johnson. It was ironic that David was a regular caller to my Goffy In The Morning shows on Century Radio for many years. At

that time David was attending junior school in South Tyneside, yet even then he vowed to host his own radio shows.

During the show I was allowed to pick a selection of my favourite music and I enjoyed reminiscing with David about the laughs we shared together across the years on both Century and Metro Radio.

I would also like to thank Pauline Phillips for arranging my visit and making feel so welcome.

During the week other people gusted on the station. Echo editor Rob Lawson and Denise Robertson also left the station praising this great voluntary organisation.

The station offers local content and information for people during their stay in the hospital. The volunteers visit the wards to chat to the patients too.

Next year sees the 60th anniversary of the station. Hats off to all the people past and present who have given their services free of charge to enable the Radio Sunderland to achieve this fantastic milestone.

Once again thanks for a very enjoyable day, and to my pal David Johnson, congratulations on achieving one of your targets in life. You are a great inspiration to us all

Paul “Goffy” Gough

Shipping pride

I HAVE just recently returned from a tour of duty in the North Sea oil industry.

I came across an interesting article in the energy supplement of the Aberdeen Press and Journal newspaper. It was a commemorative article praising the life (so far) and achievement of the Wear-built Stena Seawell, which has celebrated its 25th birthday and is still going strong.

I thought Echo readers would be interested in the progress and achievement of this vessel. 

Although from a time past, it’s a story of quality shipbuilding incorporating technology that surpasses any of today’s innovations – and proudly built on the River Wear.

Our history lives on.

Campbell Cowan, Gilhurst Grange, Millfield, Sunderland

Preserving vessels

IT was very interesting to read that members of the Doxford Engine Friends Association have been invited again, for the fourth time, to visit the Clyde, three days in June, to go to various shipping venues.

One evidently will be the Scottish Maritime Museum to view the City of Adelaide, before it is shipped in a specially built cradle costing £680,000 to Adelaide, Australia, for a proposed long-term preservation project. At what cost? Naturally, that’s not known at this stage.

My interest as a transport enthusiast is based on being in Hartlepool with a leisure officer of the old Tyne/Wear County Council and watching HMS Warrior, the first iron-clad battleship, come in with six inches of concrete all over her decks.

After about six years’ work, costing millions, it became one of the finest training projects in ship preservation. After a short period in Hartlepool, it is now in Portsmouth.

A lot of museums still require a subsidy, good as they can be.

Bill Craddock, Donvale Road, Washington

Thanks to helpers

PLEASE allow me to give my thanks to some very kind and helpful people who came to my aid when I tripped and fell in Hall Farm Road.

Louise Johnson who immediately rang for an ambulance and was very helpful throughout. Also Alan and Margaret McLoughlan for their kindness and assistance.

Thanks also to Alan, the paramedic, and A&E staff.

I am now fully recovered thanks to the assistance and ability of these caring people.

Jean and Bill Young, Badger Close, Sunderland