Letters, Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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Building material plea for cattery

KING’S Road Vets in Southwick is launching an appeal to help out a local animal lover.

 Carole O’Brien has worked tirelessly for over a decade, rescuing and rehoming stray and unwanted cats. Over the years she has rescued hundreds of cats.

 King’s Road Vets has had plans drawn up to build her a new cattery to make it easier for her to care for the cats. They have a team of volunteers ready to carry out the work and their clients have very generously donated bedding, bowls, litter trays, toys etc for the cats.

 We are now appealing to local DIY businesses to help provide building materials. We need plywood, durable, hard plastic sheeting, wood for the framework, linoleum for the flooring, two windows, insulation material and galvanised steel mesh.

 If anyone would like to help we’d be extremely grateful.

 Please ring the surgery on 0191 549 3535 for more details.

 If anyone would like to rehome a cat, please ring Carole on 07977769109.

King’s Road Vets

Problem solved

ON reading your article regarding dog fouling. You can combat this problem in one foul swoop – “no dogs allowed” on gates.

 I must say it’s a great shame when some dog walkers do keep their dog on a lead, but a minority do not.

C Riley,

Shiney Row

Rosslyn Babes

I AM still researching the Rosslyn Babes and I would like to thank all the Babes who have replied to my request for names and photos.

 They are too many to mention individually but many thanks to all who took the trouble to get in touch.

 I was informed, by another Babe, that an original Babe from 1944, Cathy Kitchen, was recently deceased and her death notice was in the Echo, March 29. She died at Brimsworth House, London, a home for retired variety artists.

 Going through the many photos I have, I have one of Cathy taken with the rest of the Babes in London, 1944.

  I would like Cathy’s relatives to get in touch with me and let me know what happened to her after she left the Babes. I was told she went into the circus. I can be contacted on 0191 5510314.

George McCarthy,


Dreadful food

I REFER to the article I read in my newspaper about a Mrs Turnbull praising “the excuse” that is served up for food in Sunderland Royal Hospital.

 I was in the Royal for eight days and I would not wish it on my worst enemy. The food was so bad, everyone who was not bed bound used the cafe downstairs.

 A lot of times I heard people say if it was not for that cafe they would have gone home.

 I was asked to fill in a survey. I put a tick next to every question one – you guessed it, “the excuse” they called food.

 I had to go to prison for a short spell, while inside the prisoners did the cooking. Believe me, if the prisoners had to eat what is served up in the Royal there would be riots every day.

 I am not out to upset anyone, I just have an awful habit of telling the truth.

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