Letters, Wednesday, 5 September, 2012

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Osborne’s pain for no certain gain

GEORGE Osborne should’ve found the time while on his holiday in America to reflect on the damage his polices had done to the country.

I hope he took note that even Tory supporting economists who initially backed his plan have now walked away.

Dogmatic George was told at the start that he was gambling with jobs, living standards and the future of the UK economy on a system which has never been successful.

The Chancellor didn’t listen and continues to dig the hole deeper, while the debt mountain gets higher. Britain’s debt under Osborne is now on the one trillion mark and last month the Chancellor borrowed £600million.

Compare this to July last year when he had a surplus of £2.8billion. This is from a man who excuses all his attacks on the vulnerable with the words “We should never take our eyes off the prize, a British economy free from its debts.”

The Chancellor’s statement sounds like a bad joke when it comes from a man borrowing billions every day.

The Government’s own figures reveal Osborne’s economic plans to be anti-growth.

For example, corporation taxes were £1.8billion lower than last year. Welfare benefit has risen due to people claiming dole went up by 35,600 more than last 
July. The reason for these negatives is Osborne’s policy on Government spending (or rather lack of it).

He’s invested £28.8billion less over the past four months than in the equivalent period of 2011. These public spending project cuts have wiped out any signs of growth in our economy.

The Chancellor should stop borrowing billions just to increase failure and change his policy to capital expenditure.

 Let’s get Britain back to work with a massive house-building programme and other worthwhile projects. This will give people a decent wage, increase the tax receipts and reduce the dole queue.

W Quinn

Duke Street


Sporting message

THE Olympics brought the world together in peace and harmony, no one can deny. The Paralympics are doing even more to bring a universal unity and a message that it’s much easier to work together without conflict.

 Some countries still do not accept disabled citizens and treat them as outcasts.

I hope when they see their countries’ competitors performing in the Paralympics and giving their all, they will come to welcomingly accept them, come to realise they are just people, same as all people with difficulties 
they have all very bravely overcome.

 It should also show the world a lot of these competitors are wounded service persons who have put their life on the line to fight for our country and lands in crisis in what I consider futile wars.

 Yes, the truest words David Cameron has ever spoken are: “The Paralympics are even more important than the Olympics”.

We could well win against the 164 countries, but even if we come second or third we surely will become a greater Great Britain and receive great inspiration from everyone of our competitors who are not as fortunate as us able-bodied people.

Jimmy Chambers,

Durham Avenue,


Search for easel

MY friend and I visited Seaham car boot sale on Sunday August 26, 2012. I was looking for toys for my grandson and was delighted when I saw a lovely easel chalk/white board for sale.

I purchased this item from the lady seller and she kindly agreed to keep it for me while I continued to look around.

She told me that she was packing up and leaving in half an hour, so I agreed to return to collect the blackboard within that time.

Unfortunately when I returned, I could not find this lady or her stall. We searched up and down for quite some time but had to accept that they had left the site.

I was very upset as this would have been such a lovely present for my grandson.

 I am hoping that this lady/seller or the people who were with her will read this letter and will contact me so that we can meet up and I can collect the item I bought from them. Please phone 07956 592708.

Mrs Brown

Donvale Road,



Thanks to friends

WE would like to say a huge “thank-you” to Leo’s friends who organised the Race/Auction night at Heppies on August 10 and to all local businesses who were so generous with donations.

Also a great big “thank-you” to all who attended and supported the night which was a great success raising funds for an electric wheelchair.

The Newton Family,