Letters, Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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Protestors have the right to be heard

AS noted in the very strong responses to the decision on the mosque to be built on St Marks Road I find myself extremely frustrated and at a loss, especially to the letter headlined “Intolerance is threat to society” written by Tahir Kahn, chairman of the Unity organisation (Letters, August 24).

 I was at the demonstration and was on the side of the street the BNP/National Front were on but was in no way involved with them.

 I believe Mr Khan is certainly using the race card, as is per usual in any matters regarding a challenge to a religion which is frightening to the many people who live in the area.

 The BNP/NF did not use any profane language that was racist or had any signs that were officially displayed that would back the complaint Mr Khan mentions.

 I was absolutely disgusted that the Pakistani community, who are supposed to be a peaceful race, had a massive sign which said “Get these Nazis off our street”, and one man with a loudspeaker claimed that everybody on our side of the street were Nazis and we had no legitimate reasons for the objections raised and it was race related.

 This is still making me nauseous – the thought he called me a Nazi. Does this gentleman know what the Nazis did? Does he know the sacrifices many generations made to afford us the freedoms and liberties we all enjoy to this day?

 I suggest not. And how hypocritical that he raves on about being allowed our own views etc, but wants the police to stop a peaceful demonstration from a group of people that don’t agree with the mosque.

 I am a decorated ex-soldier who has fought for my Queen and country and I am pursuing the case against the mosque with haste.

Phil Pike,

Shepherd Street,



Charity night

I WOULD like to thank everyone for their donations and support for the A690 Charity Night at the Grindon Club on Tuesday, August 28.

 I would like to give a special thank-you to Andy Moon and his fantastic band Raw Spirit for offering their services free of charge.

 Also to the Grindon Club Committee and bar staff for allowing us to use the room free of charge and to the many businesses that donated prizes such as Silksworth Ski Complex, Residents of Greenside Court, Darren Simms from Johnson and Johnson, Booze Busters, Aphrodite Hair and Beauty, Trevor Brown from Haunting Evidence, Print2GoGo, and Dame Margaret Barbour, chairman of the Barbour Trust.

 The support of our local community was absolutely fantastic, so on behalf of the A690 and myself thank you so much for making our charity night a success. We raised £385.

Councillor Debra Waller,

Gambia Square,



Route questions

THE debate on the state of the city, due to take place on Wednesday, September 12, will feature the state of the derelict Vaux brewery site again this year.

 What reason will the panel have to excuse the council for their failure, over the period of 12 years, to implement the Blue route option for a new river Wear crossing, to connect Durham Road with Newcastle Road, as determined by consultants R. Travers Morgan in their two “New Bridge Feasibility Studies” commissioned by the council at great expense in 1972 and again in 1991?

 With the demise of the Vaux Brewery, the pre-existence St Michael’s Way became the obvious approach road into the Vaux site for the Blue route bridge option to the Stadium of Light area and on to Newcastle Road.

Why has this wonderful opportunity to relieve the traffic congestion on the Wearmouth Bridge not been taken?

 Also, why has the council abandoned the Claxheugh “Green route option” when the Metro rail underpass is ideally placed with a 45 degree skew to implement the option?

 In no way does the planned Strategic Transport Corridor serve the public.

 The question arises: how many people in Sunderland will take the opportunity to give their views on the inappropriate road planning now ongoing at the Wheatsheaf?

Ron McQuillan

Thanks for help

I WOULD like to express my gratitude to the passing bus driver who helped me when I fell while getting on to the No. 42 bus on Friday, August 24.

 Also thanks to the lady passenger to took my bags and kept them safe until I was safely seated.

  I suffered no more than a bruised finger.

 Once again, thanks to you both.

D. Rogerson,