Letters, Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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No protest when church expanded

As a former Millfield resident, I have kept silent on the topic of the St Mark’s Road mosque, thinking that as I no longer live in the area it wasn’t for me to comment, notwithstanding that many other non-residents have put their two pennyworth in.

Having read the letter from M Brown, of Hendon Road, (Letters, September 7), however, I feel that I have to speak.

M Brown questioned whether the council would be so accommodating to a planning application from a non-ethnic minority local community group for a cultural/community centre and answered her own question by suggesting that they would not.

I can refute her assertion and can point to the council indeed supporting such a proposal.

There is a Pentecostal church on the north side of Hylton Road to the immediate east of the junction with John Candlish Road that was allowed to double in size a few years ago, without having any off-street parking facilities whatsoever.

The church runs numerous activities throughout the week as well as its Sunday services and all parking occurs on adjacent streets, particularly John Candlish Road, causing inconvenience to residents.

It is true that the church never had any off-street parking prior to its extension but doubling in size now allows for larger events to be held with a consequent increase in the number of cars parking on surrounding streets.

By the way, guess what? There was no public outcry or demonstrations protesting that the enlarged church would result in parking problems in the area (even though it has).

Strange, therefore, that parking has been one of the main concerns raised by Millfield residents and others regarding the new mosque.

This despite the fact that the application plans indicate parking provision, albeit less than some might think is required.

Could the lack of protestation regarding the doubling in size of the Pentecostal church be anything to do with the fact the worshipers and visitors to the church do not come from Sunderland’s small Muslim community? Just a thought.

Rod Hepplewhite

Sevenoaks Drive

Hastings Hill

Parties to blame

Supporters of Labour or the Tories are both culpable in the continuing iniquities of the capitalist system.

To argue whether this or that action would have happened under the alternatives administration is mere sophistry and navel gazing.

Capitalism would and did continue under either administration.

Both of “your parties” are quite prepared to sanction the ongoing actions of these pro-capitalist, anti-majority parties.

Both of your parties and others are quite prepared to sanction attacks on ordinary people, the disabled spring to mind, as do the unemployed and workers.

Both these parties are and have been, prepared to sanction, illegal warfare, to accomplish an end that benefits a tiny minority of the world’s population.

Who do you think benefited from the post-Iraq contracts, awarded to Western companies, after the western allies disassembled Iraq, took down a despot who was originally put in power by these same Western allies?

If any of this is wrong, please tell me.

Steve Colborn

Ivy Avenue



Say a little prayer

WHAT the world needs now is great songwriters like Hal David, who died recently. He wrote the words to classic hits like Do You Know The Way To San Jose? and 24 Hours To Tulsa.

 I can’t walk on by and forget him, for he gave us lots of magic moments. There’s always something there to remind me. Anyone who had a heart will know his lyrics. Now I just 
don’t know what to do with myself.

 My wives and lovers always said you’ll never get to heaven if you don’t like songs by Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Dionne Warwick had the look of love in her eyes whenever she sang their hits.

 When I go out raindrops keep falling on my head, but these songs keep me cheerful. People dash about on trains and boats and planes when they should just make the music play and listen to the old hits.

 I’m wishing and hope they keep making his CDs.

 Farewell Hal, I say a little prayer for you.

Henry Whipple,

Coach Road Estate,


Thanks for cash

WE’D like to thank everyone who put in a donation, in the memory of Nina Cooper.

The amount of £100.82 was raised. We have donated the money the Acute Stroke Unit.

Dora Bell