Letters, Tuesday October 9, 2012

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Give me a chance to work, I’m only 61

AS will be the case, sadly, with many people, I was made redundant from my full-time employment several months ago.

Being out of work at any age is never a nice situation to be in. It’s depressing and demoralising, but at 61 years of age, as I am, it tends to assume even greater proportions, and it’s sometimes difficult not to believe that you are “on the scrapheap”.

I wonder therefore, as someone who genuinely wants and needs to work, if I may make a heartfelt plea to any prospective employer out there who may be looking for someone with experience in sales, lecturing and design, particularly allied to the construction, to at least give my case some thought.

I would, however, consider any job offer reasonably made. I am physically fit, a non-smoker, with a full, clean driving licence, and I am willing to travel to any convenient venue for a formal or informal interview at any time.

Too old at 61? I know I am not, and I hope others feel the same.

Anthony M. Scott,

Tel. 07787 930349

email: anthonyscottNE@mail.com

Inspiring pupils

I would like to take this opportunity to say what an incredibly inspiring day I had at Glendene School and Community Arts College in Easington this week.

Meeting the teachers running their Sky Sports Living for Sport project and the pupils involved was truly inspiring.

I received a very enthusiastic welcome from the school and the young people who were very keen to share their experiences and insights from their project with me

My role as a Sky Sports Athlete Mentor for Living for Sport is to motivate pupils to be the best that they can be in all areas of their life. I do this by running a mixture of different sporting activities for the students and my sharing own experiences as a professional sports person.

The pupils I met on this visit were a credit to the college and, as is so often the case in this job, I came away from the college feeling incredibly inspired myself.

I told the pupils at the college about my own story of overcoming difficulties to excel in my chosen sport and also shared the British Athletes Commission’s “Six Keys to Success” which include mental toughness, hunger to achieve and planning for success. I encouraged them to think about the skills you learn through participating in sport and how these can be applied to improve all areas of their lives.

Different sports inspire different people but one thing is true, there’s a sport for everyone and it can be life changing. I hope that I have encouraged the pupils at the college to keep focused on reaching their goals.

Amanda Coulson

2011 Great British Women’s Boxing Champion

Ed’s like the rest

I, like Alan Wright, (Echo Oct 5) had a good laugh at Ed Miliband, a Tory Blair clone along with his brother David. Tory Blair turned the Labour party from a Tory second XI into the Tory first team. They did nothing to help the working class or manufacturing a few crumbs were given, fuel allowance etc., but all they created was hundred of thousands of racists with their disastrous immigration policy.

The only difference between Tory Blair and Ed Miliband will be Ed parroting “One nation” instead of “New Labour”. The electorate will have the fantastic choice of voting for a Conservative Tory a Lib Dem Tory or a Labour (one nation) Tory.

I think my ballot paper will state for the forseeable future “none of the above”.

Michael Dodds

Westfield Grove


A top person

I WOULD like to thank the honest person who found a Sunderland football top on Sunday, September 23 and handed it in at the police station.

As I just had bought it for my son, you will never know how grateful I am. Once again thank you.

Susan Dawson

Dene Street


Beatles bug me

Over the past few weeks on the letters page there has been a lot written about The Beatles coming to Sunderland I really do not understand why folk still hold the band in high regard.

Let’s face some facts. They split up more than 40 years ago and there have been at lot more interesting bands around in past four decades.

They were musically inept when it came to playing their instruments.

No one could hear what they were singing at a live concert due to the fact young girls were screaming all the time.

I can recall at the time of the Beatles many older folk would simply call them long-haired louts with no musical ability. Forty years on I agree with them.

Surely time to move on.

Mick The Pen Brown