Letters, Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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No need to wast tax-payers money

IF you look at the aerial view of the Vaux site, you will see that the only way to give the site and the Farringdon Row development connectivity with the town centre is to make the south radial road take a sharp right turn at St Mary’s car park.

 Then restore Matlock Street(a public right of way) leading to the Gill ravine foot bridge ... and then to change it to a road bridge.

 This offers a direct route over Farringdon Row to a connection with Pallion New Road, European Way and the Metro railway underpass, which was specifically built at a 45 degree skew to lead to a new bridge at Claxheugh, named the Green route option.

 This common sense alternative to our council’s disgusting waste of tax-payers money, ie the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor (SSTC) with its ridiculous so-called iconic bridge design, should have the support of everyone in Sunderland if they were properly informed.

 If there is any genuine public consultation on the council’s plans for the city centre, we will have an opportunity to make objections according to Town and Country Planning Act.

 I believe that it is important the bridge head from the Vaux site to the SoL area be safeguarded for the implementation of a new river crossing by an amended blue route option already in place – it is called St Michael’s Way.

Ron McQuillan

Shocking views

DO Echo readers know the name Ayn Rand? Though I’ve read a lot of serious fiction in my time, I admit I’d never heard of her until I saw her name on some novels in Waterstone’s recently.

 What stunned me was her views, which can be described as the very opposite of socialism.

  Capitalists are the people who create wealth, so should be allowed to keep it. Government should not force them to pay taxes. Some of their wealth will inevitably trickle down to the undeserving poor, which is so unfair. If you’re on the bottom of the heap, you deserve to be there and shouldn’t get any Government help, no benefits, no welfare or work schemes for the unemployed.

 For those of us who grew up in the post-war world of the Beveridge Report, the Attlee Government, the NHS, the safety net of the Welfare State, which was put in place to do away with the poverty my grandparents suffered – these views are truly shocking.

 How many Tories agree with Ayn Rand? She’s certainly the darling of the American right.

 How do we finance our hospitals, schools, public service and armed forces without taxation?

 The public sector is taking a terrible battering at the moment.

 It seems the only people who are of value in our society are the Alan Sugars and the Duncan Bannatynes.

William Crane,

Langley Close,


Golden memories

WE would like to thank Ronnie and Julie, Sharon and Simon, and Tania and Paul, also grandchildren Stephen, Hannah, Steven, Rebecca, Victoria, Emily and Amy for the golden wedding celebration they organised at the Hare and Hounds Pub in Westgate, Weardale.

 A coach full of family and friends came from Sunderland, Winchester, Berkshire, Kent and Wales.

 We would like to thank everyone for all the wonderful cards and presents, Colin and Alison, from the Hare and Hounds, for the venue, Carl for the disco, Laraine for the DVD and photographs. A fantastic night was had by all and many happy memories made.

Ronnie and Vicky Taylor

Thanks a million

I WOULD like to thank the hundreds of customers at Sainsbury in Fulwell Road, who helped to make the Fairshare Millions Appeal such a success.

 People’s generosity was overwhelming.

 The Rotary Club of Seaburn was extremely grateful for the enthusiasm of Sainsbury staff who worked tirelessly to make this event such a success. The Million Meal Appeal comes at a crucial time as it is estimated that about 8.5million people in the UK live in poverty, struggling to afford food.

 Collections in Sainsbury’s stores throughout the country with volunteers from Rotary were co-ordinated by Fairshare, a charity fighting hunger and food waste throughout the country.

 Last year Fairshare rescued 3,600 tons of surplus food which contributed towards more than 8.6million meals feeding 36,500 people a day.

 Rotary is proud to be working with such a worthwhile charity.

Tony Wortman,

Rotary Club of Seaburn

Open underpass

CAN someone please let us know how long we have to wait before the underpass in Church Street is ready to open. It has been closed for six weeks because of flooding.

 Parents taking their children to school have to cross the road to schools, also elderly people who can’t hurry.

 Church Street is like a race track, there should be a speed limit on the road before someone is killed.

 So hurry up before something happens – get the underpass opened.

J Mac,

Dock Street,