Letters, Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

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Make the most of new-store designs

OVER several years, several sites and inflated costs, we have finally been able to get an agreement to keep Tesco happy. There is now a race going on between Tesco and Sainsbury to open their new store before their competition.

I hope our council planning people remember the gaff they allowed to happen in the design of the Morrisons store on our potentially beautiful seafront – a large brick wall facing the seafront, with a café at the back which looks on to a car park.

I regularly pass these two massive redevelopment sites and am wondering if there will be anything aesthetically pleasing to the eye or have we settled for the not so cheap and definitely not cheerful grey metal box?

The Sainsbury’s site has potentially beautiful views of the river, with a little trimming of the trees. Our new Wear bridge could be viewed from the top-floor vantage point café, both in its building and in the long-term future of the riverside area, Should we trust the professionals to think of these things or continue to accept a mediocre development?

The Wheatsheaf Tesco store is sited close to our football passion and our last glass-blowing business. That gives plenty of scope to create a local identity for the building plot rather than just a duplicate of a large Tesco box which features around the UK.

Should I continue to live in hope of a more proactive leadership?

Pam Tate

Split Festival

I WOULD like to express my disgust, annoyance and frustration that our council yet again ignored complaints from Ashbrooke residents after last year’s Split Festival and allowed this year’s to go ahead at Ashbrooke Cricket Ground.

The noise was horrendous. What does this council want? For all of us to abandon our homes so this festival can go ahead? I don’t think so. The place for a festival with this kind of volume is Herrington Country Park and not a residential area.

Anne Scouler, The Avenue, Ashbrooke, Sunderland

Pride in heritage

ALAN “The Quill” Vincent asked are we ashamed of our Roman Heritage? (Letters, September 25). I would ask are we ashamed of our maritime heritage? They let the ship the City of Adelaide go to Australia.

Are we ashamed of our religious heritage? The Lindisfarne Gospels went to London.

Last year a collection of famous paintings known as the Zurbaran Paintings was nearly sold off aboard, until a locally born millionaire donated 15 grand to save them. The paintings are kept in Auckland Castle

Sunderland is a city. Are there no millionaires in Sunderland that take a pride in what their ancestors have achieved? Why could they not step forward and save the Adelaide?

Mr G Docherty wrote (September 9) that he had spoken to a 14-year old girl and a 16-year-old boy about Captain Cook and they did not know who he was. One wonders if they had ever heard of Raleigh, Drake, Nelson or Scott. Keeping the Adelaide might have stimulated their interest. So, as “The Quill” suggests, let’s have the Vaux site properly excavated and see what’s there and help preserve parts of our heritage and culture, and most of all be proud of it.

Surely tourism is a major objective for the council?

R. Tomlinson, Seaham

Bliss without TV

LIFE without the telly – isn’t it marvellous? When I learned the analogue signal was being switched off and I needed a digital television, I said: Why bother? Most programmes are rubbish nowadays, and I resent paying the licence fee. Now that money can be spent on my beloved vin rouge.

So instead of having my eyes glued to the gogglebox, I can put my feet up and enjoy life. I shall read my collection of Philip Roth novels or play Scrabble with myself – I always win that way – while I listen to my Mantovani CDs.

And there’s the radio, of course. Now I enjoy Today and other excellent programmes on Radio 4, the music on Radio 2 and 3, the sports coverage on Radio 5.

And I avoid all those people I loathe who’ve been unwelcome visitors in my living room for years: Alan Sugar, Alan Shearer, Alan Titchmarch, Garth Crooks, Phil Mitchell, Noel Edmonds, Nick Robinson, Jonathon Ross, Jeremy Clarkson ... the list is endless.

Just think: no more reality shows. No more antique, cookery or property programmes. It’s sheer bliss.

I’ve got my life back again. I’ve ceased to be a cabbage. A brave new world that hath no television in it.

Jim Ridler, Hylton Road, Sunderland

Thanks to finder

THANK you to the person who found my bus pass on the Grindon bus on September 19.

Mrs Simpson, Sunderland