Letters, Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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EU supporters are being very naive

IT never ceases to amaze me how brilliant the pro EU propaganda is and how naive some of its supporters, such as Meg Crosby in her recent letter, can be.

 Here are a few facts:

 When Nissan announced its £250million investment in the Sunderland plant last December, it was said that Sunderland was awarded the model thanks to its reputation for efficiency, both in terms of quality and cost as well as ability to deliver. It was a vote of confidence in Sunderland’s workforce not the EU.

 Currently, the plant exports to 97 countries worldwide, including, of course, the EU. To suggest that Nissan wouldn’t have invested in Sunderland without our EU membership shows what little regard Meg Crosby has for the local workforce.

 Doesn’t she realise that any money we get back from the EU was given to them by the British taxpayer in the first place. It is not EU money, it is our money and it’s not a very good deal. We give them three times as much as we get back.

 Don’t let us even go down the road of the incompetent way this Labour-led Sunderland Council has squandered the council taxpayers’ money on the Vaux site.

 When it comes to criminals, we don’t know how many come in from Europe each day.  

 Meg Crosby is obviously in favour of the European Arrest Warrant where UK citizens can languish for years in a squalid European jail without any evidence that they have committed a crime.

 When John Prescot punched a member of the public he did not resign and still got to the House of Lords. Gordon Brown still became Prime Minister after calling one of his party workers a bigot. He is still an MP being paid by the taxpayer to spend all his time earning millions on US lecture tours.

 She got one thing right when she metioned “wasting money”. We certainly are – on a vain European Political project which only benefits the political elite and big business.

Richard Elvin,

UKIP North East Regional Committee Chairman

No salary cut here

WITH reference to the letter by G Liddle on the salary of the post of chief executive at Sunderland City Council, a number of facts should be known.

 In 2010, Eric Pickles called for salaries of chief executives, which were higher than the Prime Minister’s, to be reduced by up to 10 per cent as part of pay restraint.

 In this newspaper, it was claimed that here the salary would be reduced by “more than 10 per cent to help balance the authority’s books”.

 In fact, the salary has remained at £175,699 – higher than the Prime Minister’s £142,500 – with no pay cut just a salary sacrifice which amounts to less than two per cent.

Councillor Robert Oliver,

Leader Conservative

Council Group

Join big cake sale

SO many of us lead busy lives that an hour can pass without us noticing, but for families who have a seriously ill child time is very precious.

 At Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity we provide support to families of children with a life threatening or terminal illness and one extra hour for these families can make a very real difference.

 This year we are delighted that TV baker, Jo Wheatley, has joined us to support The Big Hour Cake Sale, our largest annual fund-raiser, which takes place this week.

 A passionate baker and mum-of-three, Jo is hoping her involvement will help inspire people to host their own event and raise much-needed funds to enable us to continue our work.

 To get involved visit thebighour.org.uk and register to receive your very own fundraising pack.

 We are hoping to raise £50,000 but it’s not all about big sums: £20 raised helps support a shattered mum who has been up all night with her sick child and £50 means support can be offered to a family coping with the logistical and emotional pressures of attending hospital appointments.

 On their behalf I am appealing to everyone to get baking.

 Thank you.

Heather Wood,

Chief Executive, Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity