Letters, Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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Football clubs need to do more for fans

THE recent BBC’s Price of Football survey showed that Sunderland Football Club offers its supporters the cheapest match day experience.

 It is pleasing to know that the club offers its supporters the ninth cheapest season tickets in the Premiership, priced at £400. Also pleasing to know is that the club offers its supporters the fourth lowest most expensive season ticket at £525, compared to a colossal £2,013 to see Arsenal play at the Emirates.

 The gunner’s cheapest season ticket costs £1,014.

 While it is pleasing that Sunderland is doing its best to keep the cost down for its fans, it is shocking that the average price of a season tickets has risen at almost twice the rate of the cost of living since 2011. Going up 13 per cent, compared to a 6.8 per cent increase in the cost of living during that period.

 I still feel that football clubs are mugging their fans, considering the huge deals they have with TV companies.

 At a time when there’s more money in football than ever before, it is just greedy that football fans should pay such a high price for their loyalty.

 The TV money should be used to benefit fans, who are the lifeblood of their clubs.

 The wages of footballers, and the transfer fees, need to decrease and come into line with the real world – these people are living on a different planet.

 If clubs in Germany and throughout Europe can charge hundreds of pounds less for season tickets, why can’t English clubs do the same?

 I say again, fans are the lifeblood of their clubs. Keep biting the hand that feeds you, and eventually they will walk away.

Clive Lee

Join campaign for better education

I HAVE signed a petition for young people, set up by the Sex Education Forum, calling on party leaders to make sex and relationships education compulsory in all schools.

 Because the current system focuses almost entirely on the biology of reproduction, there are many issues that affect me and my peers on a daily basis that are not being taught, including how to deal with pressures online and real-life relationships.

 A one-off lesson in year 10 or 11 is not enough.

 I ask for adults to use their position as voters to tell their MPs they want compulsory sex and relationships education in our schools as part of comprehensive personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education. And I urge our politicians to support a better education for young people of my generation.

 Please join the campaign at www.sexeducationforum.org.uk/its-my-right.

Millie Roberts,


Boycott the books

YET another book out by so-called sportsmen telling tales about squabbles on and off the field. Do they not realise they are destroying the atmosphere of the game as we know it.

 I say support the sports but not the books.

Alan Winter