Letters, Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

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Principle at heart of all religions

THE difference in religion is rearing its head again. Why? If you take a good look at all the different religions, there is not much basic difference.

Even the worship practised before Christianity was established had at its core the idea that there was someone or something that was responsible for our being.

No matter what religion is practised by individual people, the written word, whether it is the Bible or Koran or any other books, gives a guide to life and the best way to live it and have the reward of peace of mind.

All human individuals have a light and dark side. This is where the guide comes in. We all feel the dark side rearing its ugly head at sometime in our lives, but there is one saying in the guide as far the Christian Bible is concerned that suppresses this dark thought and that is “do unto others as you would have done to yourself”.

If this thought was in the mind of someone about to stab or shoot or attack another individual, he or she may in a split second stop and prevent the consequences of their actions for the rest of their lives.

We are supposed to be the most intelligent animal on our planet and yet here we are still at war with one another instead of pulling together and creating a world of peace and security.

In these days of mixed race population, a large degree of tolerance and freedom of religion ought to be practised and there should be no hesitation on how this is practised by the individual. This would then perhaps put a stop to any individual being so called offended by religious celebration of different ethnics.

One of the reasons for the dark side coming to the fore is greed, both individual and corporate. Again, if everyone in the world were to pull together then everyone could live a comfortable life as far as health, food and shelter are concerned. These are the main concerns of the general individual. Naturally a little luxury is welcome – television, transport and a holiday now and again – but not the be all and end all of life.

So, do you think my comments are too heavy or a little naive to be take seriously?

Colin Wasey, Zetland Square, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

Mosque meeting

HAVING recently attended a full house meeting at the Mountain Daisy pub about the change of use of the council garage on St Mark’s Road, I was disgusted to find there were no Labour councillors in attendance. Surely the people we elected to represent us, namely Iain Kay and Lynda Scanlon, should have been there on such a contentious issue?

Thank goodness we did have Lib Dem councillor Paul Dixon to chair the meeting who gave us great support and is passionate about the cause, which is the safety of the residents of Millfield and the people who use the very busy St Mark’s Road.

Let us hope that when this issue goes before the planning committee that the council will actually listen to the concerns of the residents of Millfield.

Frank Jardin, Millfield

Well done, uni

YET another pathetic English football performance in Montenegro. The only highlight was the pitch-side advertising hoardings which popped up showing “University of Sunderland” along the whole length.

Full marks to the uni for enterprise and initiative.

Bill Scott, Stannington Grove, Sunderland

Support diversity

I THOUGHT the biggest threat to the Sunderland Pride Festival came from the weather, as earlier in the day the weather seemed unsettled but it eventually favoured the event.

All the onlookers behaved in a civilised and dignified manner. There was no insulting or crude language shouted at the marchers.

I carried a placard: Sunderland Supports Diversity. As I was printing out these three words, I wondered if this is the truth or just wishful thinking.

I looked for a quotation about diversity that might be more suitable and I found only one. It was from President Kennedy and read: “If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.”

Making the world safe for diversity is quite a task both here and abroad.

John Watson, Granville Street, Sunderland

Fabulous fitters

A COMPANY called Sekura fitted windows at our council home. They are also doing all of the estate.

We would like to thank the window fitters, who fitted ours on October 3, at 18 Victory Street, Pallion, for being very good and professional at their jobs.

They had a lot of consideration for the tenant. Well done, lads. It was our pleasure to have you in our home.

Carol and Tom McLaren, Pallion