Letters, Tuesday, November 6, 2012

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Foreigners to blame for crisis

THE reason for hospitals having too many patients, which puts the NHS in a critical situation, is because of the admission of too many foreigners who have never paid a penny.

It’s thanks to Labour saying people from 27 EU countries could come and live on our little island at will, and also because of the debt Labour left us in, not to mention being ruled and robbed by the EU.

 This Government got in by promising a referendum on in/out of the EU. Now they are repeating it for the next election... only this time with some minor alterations.

 After over two years this so-called coalition Government has not reduced immigration, not lessened our rule by the EU, nor reduced the incredible amount of money we have to pay into it.

 On top of all this, the bankrupt Government wants to borrow more money to give to Foreign Aid and pay all the interest incurred. Councils make taxpayers pay for manors for foreigners with too many children to live in on benefits – all this while many of our indigenous population fight for a little place to live.

 The only advantage of the EU is for MPs and MEPs being on the gravy train.

Then politicians wonder why they are the most distrusted people in the world.

Marjorie Matthews,

Aiskell Street,


Such generosity

I WOULD like to acknowledge the people of Sunderland’s donations of almost £2,000 in October to Grace House Children’s Hospice via that geriatric clown who collects for them.

 On Saturday, September 29, the long journey to Tesco in Newton Aycliffe was rewarded with a heart-warming sum of almost £474.

The clown was at Sainbury’s in Washington on Friday, October 5, where he was privileged to hand over £402 on behalf of their customers.

On Friday 12 he collected £203 at Sainsbury’s in Gilesgate, followed by £269 at Sainbury’s in Fulwell on Friday 19.

The next day a very generous sum of £307 was given at Lidl’s in Durham Road. The final collection in October was at Clay’s in Washington, where, as usual, their customers donated a generous £262.

 The total of £1,917 in October is remarkable in the present economic climate and on the run-up to Christmas. Thank you seems so inadequate.

 The senior fund-raiser and office staff have now moved into Grace House at Southwick. The new telephone number is 525 2885 and the address is Bardolph Drive, Southwick, Sunderland, SR5 2DE.

 Town Centre Citroen have generously donated a new Citroen C1 car to Grace House. Tickets will be only £1 each and the raffle will be drawn on December 21.

It will be a very special Christmas present for someone!

If you can help in any way, ring Grace House on the above number.

 A final fund-raising effort will allow a beautiful building to come to life and function as a desperately-needed Children’s Hospice facility.

Jeff Coxon,

Lawnside, Seaham

Be prepared

AROUND now wise motorists will be checking their antifreeze strength in their engine cooling systems and adding anti-freezing inhibitor to the windscreen washer bottle.

The screenwash states the protection below 0 degrees Celsius of the product but Asda’s own brand screenwash concentrated offers protection to -5 degrees Celsius.

 It advises for winter driving 50% dilution (with water). This is likely to reduce protection to -2.5 Celsius and, with the wind chill factor, push protection up to around 0 deg Celsius.

 The important thing to note on ready-mixed and concentrated screenwash is that the protection is only as it is stated on the bottle.

G White,


Beautiful Justine

JUSTINE Lord was the beautiful British actress who made her television debut in the BBC TV drama series Compact, which ran from 1962-65. She appeared on television shows such as The Saint, Man in a Suitcase, The Prisoner, The Avengers, The Human Jungle and The Doctors, and her wonderful movies included The War Lover, Ring of Spies, Act of Murder and Deadlier Than The Male.

 She was mixing with great stars including the late Patrick McGoohan, Roger Moore, Honor Blackman, Patrick Macnee, Geoffrey Palmer, Herbert Lom, plus great comic stars such as Charlie Drake, Sidney James, Leslie Phillips, Bruce Forsyth and Norman Wisdom.

I won’t forget Justine Lord, the beautiful female British actress icon from Sevenoaks in Kent.

Terry Christie,

Woodside Terrace,

East Herrington