Letters, Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Special privileges for the disabled?

GRAHAME Watson (Echo, April 15) expresses his concern that disabled persons benefit from free parking spaces and this, to him, sounds like special treatment, and therefore they should give them up.

 At first I thought I was reading more wisdom from Sunderland’s renowned wordsmith Mick Brown, but no.

 To console Mr Watson, I recently took a photo of a non-disabled badge coach parking in the Roker lower prom disabled car park, where five disabled badge car drivers have kindly given up their allocated parking area.

G White,


We could really do with a loo!

The front page headline in the Echo on April 24 read “We need buildings that in 100 years my grandchildren’s grandchildren will cherish”.

 Will that include a central railway station with a built-in public convenience, or will Sunderland be sticking with the traditional loo-free station that it has had for the last couple of decades or so?

R Tomlinson,


Politicians? Don’t believe a word

THE election is with us again and with it all the promises the politicians make.

 I would like changes where working people get an even break. I feel all governments are con men.

 I really don’t know who to vote for, as when they get into power they don’t give a monkey’s.

 I would like to know if a new government would give people aged 60 a bus pass or do we have to wait until we reach 66, or will they ever let us retire.

 I ask you, MPs, you should try doing manual work or, like my partner, a caretaker in a school and see what it feels like.

 I laugh when I hear all parties saying what they will do. I don’t believe any of you.

Paul Garrett,

Melrose Crescent,



Don’t let street traders die out

I HAVE lived in Sunderland all of my life.

 I often go into the town and love to see all the street traders. We also go through to Newcastle city centre once a week.

 Like Sunderland, they also have street traders who have been there trading all their lives.

 They work outside in all weathers serving the public. I would hate to see these traders suffer due to more big supermarkets opening. Long may they reign.

Mrs A Hahn,

Manila Street,


The woman who blew thousands

IT was on Tuesday, March 15 1977, when the BBC television drama Play for Today entitled Spend Spend Spend, written by the late Jack Rosenthal, won the British Academy Best Play Award.

 It starred John Duttine and the late Susan Littler as Keith and Viv, who won the Pools jackpot and spent it all, and was based on a book by Stephen Smith and Viv Nicholson.

 Sadly on Saturday, April 11, 2015, Viv passed away at the age of 79 in Yorkshire.

 It brought back some wonderful memories of the late Viv Nicholson, the woman who won the Pools and blew it all.

Terry Christie,

Woodside Terrace,

East Herrington