Letters, Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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What evidence for Nazi war crimes?

YOUR correspondent George E Brown (Letters, May 17) states that all the Nazi criminals were secularists. How does he know that? What evidence does he have to prove that statement?

 He then praised Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was a Christian and was executed by the Nazis.

 George seem to be saying: secularist = evil; Christian = good.

 How would he describe the United States of America? Is it a secular or religious state?

 This is not an easy question because the USA is secular in theory but religious in practice.

 I quite believe that an atheist is out of the running to be elected as president of the USA. The candidates are usually eager to show how religious they are, as if to say there are no votes in being secular in this place.

John Watson,

Granville Street,


Evidence town is older than fifty?

REGARDING Washington’s 50th birthday – my mother was born in Washington Village more than 80 years ago into a local farming family and she still possesses a number of old books etc.

 One such book is the History Topography and Directory of County Durham, by Francis Whellan, 1894, and states the first recorded rector, for Washington Village as William de Clifford in 1278. Another book, by Fred Hill, 1929, has a list of name changes through the centuries, the earliest being Wessynton 1183. The oldest surviving magazine is Washington Parish Magazine from August 1900, price one penny – note, Washington.

 Another item is a programme for a concert at the Alexandra Theatre, New Washington, on November 24, 1914. I am not 100 per cent sure where this theatre stood, perhaps some of your readers could help?

 All in all, I think we could say that Washington is older than 50 years. Perhaps they missed a zero off and should be 500 years, but as previous letter writer Dave Irwin wrote, more likely to be since New Town status.

Mr J Reed,


Children say the funniest things ...

IT absolutely amazes me the amount of knowledge the children of today have. The way my grandchildren can play computer and mobile phone games is beyond my understanding.

 They can also give good advice from a very early age, too. I was hanging out the washing when my two-and-a-half year-old grandson remarked : “Grandad Jim, is that a new baby in your tummy?” Well even though it made me laugh, grandad Jim will really have to go to a gym.

 Although my weight has remained the same for 46 years, my once proud to own six-pack is now a flabby muscle lack. This honest advice makes me sit-ups and notice.

Jimmy Chambers,