Letters, Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

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Keep Gospels in Auckland Castle

THE collection of 17th-century Zurbaran paintings will remain at Auckland Castle following a £15million donation from a locally born millionaire.

So, if Auckland Castle has £15million-worth of paintings in it, then it must be a pretty safe and secure place to keep something of that value in it.

So why not keep the Lindisfarne Gospels there instead of in the British Library down south?

Let the British Library borrow the Gospels for three months every seven years, instead of the other way round.

Personally, I would not mind the Gospels being taken to Scotland. At least that way they would still be in the North where they belong and Scotland is a long way nearer than London if you want to go to see them.

But perhaps the British Library doesn’t have a branch secure enough in Scotland.

Well, Edinburgh Castle should be secure enough so why don’t all the local politicians stop squabbling for five minutes and do something about it?

R. Tomlinson, Seaham

Comprehensive history of village

MAY I add a footnote to the excellent article on Murton St Joseph’s Parish, which was offered in the Echo (Saturday, May 7).

You allow me too much credit describing me as a local historian.

The book referred to in the article, Pit Boy, is a memoir and evocation of childhood.  

The historian of Murton was Helen Abbot, who wrote under the pen name Murtonian.

Mrs Abbot’s comprehensive history of the village was offered in weekly instalments in the Sunderland Echo around the mid 1960s.

P.J. McPartland, Seaham

Thanks for your acts of kindness

ON Wednesday, May 3, I collapsed in Marks and Spencers food market.

I cannot thank the staff enough for their concern. Donna rang my son and kept him informed. She also rang the paramedics, who came very quickly.

I must thank Hazel, a customer, who comforted me until I was taken to the Royal by ambulance.

The place was very busy, but I was attended to promptly by a very kind and efficient staff.

Thank you all.

G. Murton, Thornbank Close, Hall Farm

No faith in changes to the seafront

I SEE Mick the Pen is at it again wanting Hylton Castle to be replaced with a takeaway.

The last time the Pen commented on this subject I was convinced Mick was taking the Mick.

Why not hire the castle out to KFC, McDonalds and Starbucks then people can enjoy the castle while at the same time having a coffee and a burger.

While we’re at it, the councillors can have their gardeners create another Mowbray Park around the castle. All this time and I don’t charge a penny for my ideas.

You are not always wrong Mick. 

I agree with you that the council should redevelop the seafront. There is one snag, however. The residents of Sunderland have re-elected the same people back in office so there is no chance of that happening.

John “The Crayon” Coates, Zetland Square, Sunderland

How will police enforce these fines?

I REFER to the recent statement from the Transport Minister that the police are to be given powers to fine motorists on the spot for careless driving, tailgating and undertaking.

While I agree that driving standards have deteriorated drastically over the years and that the use of our roads has increased, I wonder how our overworked and undermanned police force will be able to enforce these rules.

Will it be an increase in motor patrols to the detriment of our other areas of crime detection as the motorist is an easy target or will it be via the use of motorway cameras.

Also, while not condoning tailgating or undertaking, why not ask the question why these manoeuvres are prevalent on our roads?

Is it not due to many motorists sitting in the outside lanes particularly the centre lane on motorways while the inside lane is clear and being completely oblivious to the chaos and frustration they cause to other motorists?

Why does the Transport Minister not also bring back and allow the police to use the charge of “inconsiderate driving to other motorists” and also use on-the-spot fines. Highlight some of these offences and the inconsiderate drivers may eventually get the message, although I will not hold my breath.

Ray Garden, Houghton