Letters, Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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Finally, we have hope for club

IF Sunderland manages to perform the great escape yet again, the victory over Everton at Goodson Park will be well remembered for the day lady luck and the footballing gods shone down on our beloved team.

 Our two goals had a hint of luck about them, but who cares we have had more than our share of bad luck this season.

 Luck I believe evens itself out in all walks of life. But this was a colossal victory.

 Saturday is going to be a huge day for the club and its fans, the atmosphere will be electric, the fans will, hopefully, pack the Stadium of Light and create a deafening noise to lift the roof off.

 We could be safe from relegation on Saturday if victory is achieved, and other results go our way. But it is important that we don’t put all of our eggs in one basket.

 Leicester will be hard opponents, who are on a roll of victories themselves, and will be tough opponents.

 The players must again be prepared to sweat blood and tears if they are to retain Premiership for the club and its fans.

 Dick Advocaat has certainly got them working again, and going for the jugular, winning 10 points from six games.

 He has injected a will to win and, determined spirit into the team.

 If he does achieve Premiership status for next season, then I firmly believe he should be given a permanent contract. As his experience can only be a huge benefit to the club.

 Watching Sunderland this season has been like watching a car crash in slow motion. The fans will be up for it on Saturday, hopefully, the players will follow suit and send them home happy.

Clive Lee

Thanks for support

I WOULD like to thank the voters in the Fulwell Ward for electing me to serve as councillor.

 I will do my level best to promote the interests of the ward in council meetings. The turnout of 66.4 per cent of the electorate was excellent and the total vote was much higher than in the two previous elections.

 I would like to pay my respects to John Wiper my opponent as he is a decent man and very approachable.

 I intend to hit the ground running and am available to help all residents in an attempt to improve life in Fulwell for everyone.

 The Metro Station and Monkwearmouth Hospital parking scheme have gone through the consultation process and depending on enough residents (50 per cent) agreeing the plans, should carry on to the next stage. Again I thank you for placing your trust in me and I hope you will not be disappointed.

Margaret Beck

Election honour

IT’S my honour to be re-elected as the councillor for St Chad’s ward.

 I believe it’s very important to take part in local democracy and I would like to thank all who took the time to vote.

 I can assure everyone, irrespective of their political views, that I shall continue to do my best to represent our ward on Sunderland City Council.

Councillor Stuart Porthouse,

St Chad’s Ward

Taking Tory lead

IN her acceptance speech Julie Elliot MP again referred to her opposition to the closure of Sunderland Fire Station as proposed by Labour members of the Fire Authority and opposed by the Conservative members, including Sunderland Coun Margaret Forbes.

 It is good to see Labour party members taking their lead from the Conservatives.

Bob Francis,

George Howe,

Fulwell Conservative Councillors