Letters, Tuesday, March 4, 2014

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City deserves to be much better

THE much-wanted new bridge is dead in the water, so how long do we have to wait to see the next proposals and artist’s impressions?

 This council is like the old Communist regime, telling the peasants about its five-year plans, then having to go in search of aid.

 I can remember in the seventies, a feasibility survey was being drawn up – more as like the same people are still doing them.

 How is it that every proposal or project put forward by this council falls flat?

 I wait with bated breath to see what the alternative to the iconic bridge will be. Why not have a simple design like the Hylton A19 bridge? That way we could have two for the price of one, one at Pallion and one east of the Alexandra Bridge, with a foot bridge from the Gill to the Stadium of Light as an added bonus.

 You can’t expect this council to have vision or ambition for Sunderland.

 Seeing our leader on top of the Civic Centre the other week, reminded me of Nero and how he looked down on a burning Rome.

 In this case it’s Sunderland.

 We need to break the mold.

 By the way, this lot are going to sign us up to another big con with Tyneside.

 We did once have another Metropolitan Council, guess who got all and we got nowt?

 It took 20-odd years to get the Metro, and then it was only to speed up your journey to Newcastle, to spend money which should be spent here, if only we had the shops.

L W Pallace,

Ford Estate

A fabulous show

MY partner Bill and I recently attended the King and I, staged by Fatfield Musical Stage Society.

 We would like to congratulate everyone involved.

 The singing was superb, the orchestra excellent and the dear royal children quite adorable.

 They had obviously been very well trained and were delightful. The royal wives were lovely and how gorgeous they looked.

 The principal characters must have a special mention too. Lawrence Chadwick (the king), was fantastic as was the beautiful Sara Alcock (Anna). Tuptim, played by Bethan Waller, was charming and lovely to watch; Anne Taylor’s voice was glorious (Lady Thiang).

 To conclude, congratulations to all involved in a superb production.

 We are still on a high.

Margaret Thompson and Bill Longley,


No care for history

ALLYSON Timm starts her letter (February 22), anyone interested in the history of Sunderland should visit the Phoenix Masonic Hall. Well that leaves Sunderland Council out then, doesn’t it?

 That’s if the Adelaide, the Vaux site mosaics and the old town hall are anything to go by.

 Still, to be fair, the council did save a priceless sign pointing to Germany.

 It must have cost at least two buttons.

 Still, if the Queen comes up to see the new keel line in the city, guess who she will be surrounded by on the photo? Council members.

Robert Tomlinson,