Letters, Tuesday, March 4, 2013

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We need to take pride in our city

I WAS interested to read the letter “We need action not master plans”.

 Nissan is doing an excellent job, but it was (and still is, I think, given grants from the Government).

 Doxford provides jobs but call centres do not make things.

 Now I agree with the letter writer about Food Giant, it should have been allowed to stay open until funding was found for the Triangle site – look at the revenue the city council has lost through it standing empty

 Crowtree Road Leisure Centre, again, I agree it should have been better maintained. It was ideal for families.

 If the council could not run it, why did they not allow some private firm to take it over?

 When it is pulled down, what will replace it?

 When it was first built I thought it was an ugly monstrosity. Now the area is just right, the grass and trees, it all blends in so well with the near by Minster.

 But to extend The Bridges into that area, in my opinion, is wrong. Something should be done to blend this area in with the church.

 I read that the old fire station was to be brought out of retirement, but what happened to those plans?

 Look at the shops on one side of Holmeside. How long have some of these been empty, which leads to more lost revenue?

 One could go on and on – do councillors ever walk around the town and see what is going on? Do they not have a press officer who could write a letter now and then to say what they are trying to do? And how they are going about attracting business to our town?

 We do have some good councillors but they are in the minority

 Look at Newcastle and Gateshead – how much interest their town councillors take in their city. They go after business and grants.

 I am sure we have some people in our town who have the brains and enterprise to make our town great – as we were in our ship-building days.

 Let’s ask Sir Richard Branson if he would put money into the leisure centre – he seems to have the Midas touch.

 But one thing we must learn to do is keep our town clean and take pride in our city

Mrs D E Harker,


A lack of vision

WHY has the council decided to build a “prestigious” bridge no one wants to build, linking two areas of town that don’t need to be linked? It would take a fraction of the money to build a wide footbridge across the Wear from the Stadium of Light to the old Vaux site, so that the thousands of football fans no longer need walk on an “A” road after each match, cutting 15 minutes off the walk back.

 Use the money saved to address other problems such as a railway station with no decent parking; a derelict town centre; lack of hotel development; a Metro that only serves links to Newcastle and no direct rail link to the East Coast mainline at Durham and the lack of prime location development (eg the riverside).

 The lack of vision by the council is appalling when compared to, dare I say, Newcastle.

 Yet we have the city by the sea with beaches, green space, a premiership football team and the UK’s brainiest people, according to research.

 When is the potential of our city going to be realised?



Beware the BID

WITH reference to the article about Business Improvement District.

 I think the Echo should report the full implications to unsuspecting businesses, especially the small town centre ones struggling to exist.

 Let me quote one town centre in particular, namely Darlington, which became a BID in July of last year.

 Five hundred and fifty ballot papers were sent out and 210 returned with 130 of those voting for the BID, leaving 80 against and 340 abstainers.

 To date 45 town centre traders have been taken to court over their non-payment of the 1.5 levy imposed on their business rateable value.

 Are our rates not high enough? Is this another jobs for the boys scheme? Or are the administrators going to do the job?

 It should be pointed out to all business owners in the town centre area that if they do not want to enter into this scheme they must vote against it or suffer the fate of the minority overcoming the majority.

Mr J P Smith,


School photo plea

I AM looking for a school photo taken about 1950-51.

 The teacher was called Mrs Peart. On the photo I am sitting between Margaret and Joan Common. They lived in Coniston Avenue, Fulwell, and I lived in Cairns Road, Number 9. We are sitting in the front row.

 We went to Fulwell Juniors, which was opposite the Blue Bell Hotel.

 I lost my photo many years ago, a photocopy would be ok.

Margaret Crosbie,

28 Lodore Grove,

Acklam TS 5 8PB