Letters, Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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Noted names of watering holes

OVER the years we have had public houses named after local people such as General Havelock, Jack Crawford, Laing’s and Doxford’s (both shipbuilders in the town) and of course, FA Cup Hero, Ian Porterfield.

 Other names of note have recently are Vesta Tilley, Lincoln’s, as in Abraham Lincoln (the link being that Abe was watching Our American Cousins at the time of his assassination which was written by Sunderland playwright Tom Taylor) and, of course, Chaplin’s, who did indeed visit Sunderland to perform, according to the chap, who informed me through your letter’s page.

 However, there have been other names such as Bo Ab, who was the gentleman that developed and produced assistive hearing devices and, of course, the Irish contingency.

 Now, though, I find we have a new name for the Beehive which is a pub named after Wilfred Ruprecht Bion, who was indeed an influential British psychoanalyst.

 According to the internet, Bion has been twinned with Jacques Lacan as “inspired bizarre analysts who demand not that their patients get better but that they pursue truth”.

 ‘Bion’s ideas are highly unique’, so that he ‘remained larger than life to almost all who encountered him’.

 He has been considered by Neville Symington as possibly “the greatest psychoanalytic thinker after Freud”.

 I must admit that Bion, had he lived and actually visited Sunderland, would have had a wonderful time psychoanalysing some of the drinkers in the public house that honours his good name.

Alan ‘The Quill’ Vincent,

Old Penshaw

City deserves a fresh, new start

HOW often have your heard these words “the town’s a disgrace, everything being pulled down, and nothing going up in its place”.

 Ah, but there lies the problem, you know the cause of the town centre’s demise, but what do you do about it?

 You only have yourselves to blame, voters keep putting Labour in and it treats us with with contempt.

 You’ll wake up when it’s too late and find that Sunderland isn’t Sunderland anymore, but an overspill dormitory for Newcastle.

 If you can’t see the signs, you must be blind, as well as naive.

 They’ll shut the fire stations, courts, police stations, anything to down grade us but what do your elected council and MPs do, nothing.

 Can you, in all honesty say when you last saw any developments in Sunderland centre and areas prior to city status. Every new development has been to the west, favouring Washington and South Tyneside.

 This state of affairs, will only get worse, unless you change, and that means voting for people who love and care for Sunderland only.

 Let’s have a good clear out of this lot, who have ruined Sunderland.

Ian W Pallace,

Ford Estate

Fly-tipper caught dumping unit

THANKS to the driver who dumped a double glazed window unit in the back lane of Guildford Street and Villette Park – the coffers of Sunderland City Council will be a few hundred pounds richer.

 Obviously you didn’t notice the CCTV nor the gentleman who took your registration and a photo all of which have been passed on.

 This by the way was no fly-by night (no pun intended).

 It was between 10am and 11.30am on Monday, March 23.

J Henderson,