Letters, Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Why was station closure proposed?

TWO items of good news are that council tax is to be frozen in the city again this year and that the threat of closure of the city’s central fire station seems to have been lifted.

 Council tax is to be frozen for the fifth year in a row. This has been made possible by a grant from the Conservative-led Coalition Government. Readers will remember the years of Labour government when council tax went through the roof – more than doubling.

 It is also good news that the Labour-controlled Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority has thought better of its proposal to close the City’s Central Fire Station. A modest increase in the authority’s precept (added to council tax bills) should ensure the station remains open.

 But why did the Sunderland Labour chairman of the authority (Coun Tom Wright, St Anne’s ward) propose its closure in the first place?

 My ward colleague, Margaret Forbes, a member of the Fire Authority, opposed the closure from the start – pointing out that there were other ways the Fire Authority could save money.

 Interestingly, the only two members of the Fire Authority who opposed the closure from the start were its two Conservative members.

Coun Peter Wood,

St Michael’s ward

Foolish comments

COUNCILLOR George Howe recently said: “The pantomime season is over, unfortunately the silliness is still with us.”

 I estimate the silliness will remain while so-called serious minded politicians, like Councillor Howe, continue to make foolish comments insinuating the decision to close the fire stations was a political ploy.

 This unsubstantiated nattering would be taken with a pinch of salt, if it originated from Joe Bloggs. However, I consider it irresponsible when a member of the council makes an unwarranted comments which puts in question the established procedure of the Fire Authority.

 It also belittles the endeavours of all those people who participated in the struggle to keep the fire stations open.

 The councillor knows more than most that the Labour Council haven’t got the time to play silly cloak and dagger games.

 They are far too busy attempting to defend the public services, against a merciless onslaught of financial cuts, from a Tory-led Government which is barefaced in taking from the poor and giving to the rich. W Quinn

Little difference

THE super-rich kept their heads down as they entered the latest fund-raising ball thrown by the Tories with tickets costing up to £1,500. One prize auctioned at the ball was a shoe-shopping trip with Theresa May.

 Why would anyone pay so much money to go shopping for shoes with Theresa May. Is she such good company? Has she such great taste in shoes?

 No, of course not, it’s all about networking.

 Just as the rich pay thousands of pounds to attend dinners with David Cameron.

 This fund-raising event was particularly embarrassing for the Tories as it was predominantly attended by bankers.

 Now, why hasn’t Labour picked-up on this? That will be because to a lesser extent they’ve been doing the same.

 Should the Labour Party expose the Tories on this issue, then it would also come under question.

 At the end of the day both main parties are in the pockets of the rich, and the rich do not have the best interest of the majority of people at heart.

Euan Tipe,


It is all madness

ONE of Mr Cameron’s biggest broken promises is immigration.

 Thousands flock here and yet he states he wants Turkey to join the EU. Has he gone mad.

 He gambles with big businesses that would leave the UK.

 Our forefathers must think we liberated France, tamed Germany and yet are ruled by both. It doesn’t make sense .

K Stoker