Letters, Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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The NHS is looking less than healthy

IN 2009, I had a letter published in which I criticised a number of Tory MPs going over to America and supporting the Republicans in the crusade against against Obama’s health proposals.

 I said Cameron should stop his MPs – Michael Gove, Greg Clark and Jeremy Hunt–- from slagging off our health service with comments like “the NHS should be dismantled as its no longer relevant”.

 The following is an extract from a letter which turned out to be rather prophetic.

 With Jeremy Hunt words in mind, health service consultant Dr Davis said her main worry was “if the Tories gained power they would split the NHS and then tender it out to private companies”.

 With those words Dr Davis forecast in 2009 what would happen in 2014.

 Recently, the man who said the NHS was irrelevant, Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, placed our health service on the path to privatisation by inviting private companies to run cancer and end-of-life services.

 Anerin Beven, the NHS founder, said the health service would always be there. To prove him wrong vote Tory.

W Quinn

We live in squalor

I RECENTLY walked along the wonderfully-named Millennium Way from the Wheatsheaf junction to the Stadium of Light.

 What I saw would shame the proverbial pig. The rubbish that lines either side of the road is an absolute disgrace and provides a “wonderful” advert for the city for any visiting supporters.

 Car seat complete with headrest (with green lichen on it), supermarket trolley, back of a telly, enough aluminium cans to have kept Alcan smelter in business, bottles galore – hardly a blade of grass uncovered.

 We don’t have a lot going for us in Sunderland after the efforts of our councillors over the years, but surely someone coud address this issue. All over Sunderland there are pockets of rubbish pits along quiet walkways near eateries and supermarkets, underpasses, etc.

 Could we not have a dedicated litterpick telephone number to help make the place nicer?

 The same effort should be applied by parents to their kids on the subject and we adults should be setting examples instead of the general display of indifference to litter.

 We live in hope – and squalor, presently.

Ray Findlay

Fate in our hands

ED Miliband promises a referendum on Europe, cries a left wing newspaper, yet the FT states Miliband rules out a referendum.

 In reality, Miliband’s “policy” was at first surrounded in uncertainty. Now it is in confusion.

 This reinforces the claim made by many people that if you want a referendum don’t vote UKIP.

 Voting UKIP will only let in a Labour Government and there will not be a referendum.

 The Conservatives have a commitment to hold an in/out referendum and are the only party who can deliver.

Alan Wright

Weekend opening

ROKER pier is due to close at the end of this month until November for repairs.

 I doubt that the workmen will be working seven days a week so why couldn’t it be open at weekends for the fishermen.

Alan Ramsey,

Hall Farm