Letters, Tuesday, March 13

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I’m parking mad about city policy

WHAT is the main topic of conversation in Sunderland? Answer: How can we stop people parking their cars?

It is unfortunate that the Royal Hospital is surrounded by residential streets. Once it had a multi-storey car park – now demolished. Now there is talk of them building a new one next year. Will it ever materialise?

 Hospital workers have to pay to park. That is wrong. In Scotland, which is subsidised by England, hospital parking is free.

 Once Fawcett Street had two-way traffic, not now. We also have the ridiculous one-way system which just about closed down the Roker shopping centre.

 Almost every family has a car, some have two. The suggestions at meetings seem to be “Stick your cars, but do not park anywhere”.

 Once, in the city centre, there was free parking on Saturdays, a short walk from the centre. That was stopped, of course.

 We do not need bus lanes for the occasional buses that use them. Witness Chester Road. I know of many people from surrounding areas who have stopped coming here to shop because of parking problems.

 Then it is asked “Why do we have so many closed shops in the city?” The answer is because we apparently have no people in the council with business acumen.

We are entitled to ask if they have got any sense at all?

Oh, I forgot, councillors all have cars and free parking in the city centre!

Marjorie Matthews,

Aiskell Street,


Rats to you all

Over the past few weeks, I have read letters from members of the Labour party, decrying and lambasting our two Liberal councillors Colin Wakefield and Sheila Ellis on the subject of the Rats’ endeavour to stop the extended application for tipping at the Biffa site in Houghton, for a further 17 years.

Bob Price seems to have it in for these two stalwarts of Houghton. He lives in Sunderland and miles from the tip.

Then came along Messrs Owen of Shiney Row and Taylor of Fencehouses.

Is this the same Owen that criticised Coun Wakefield for “jumping on the band wagon”or as she put it the “stand wagon”?

Now she is seeking praise for standing outside the recent meeting of Rats with a petition for the site’s closure?

Where has she been over the past 10 years when these councillors and members of Rats were fighting for its closure and having petitions signed by residents?

There are local elections coming along shortly. Is she standing as a candidate?

Over the past years we the “local” residents have put up with smells, flies, vermin, not forgetting the dirty roads from the Biffa site.

Sunderland City Council over many years has done nothing for residents of Houghton despite all their promises.

Even the local Labour councillors are always ready to “jump on the band wagon” when the Liberals stand up for Houghton, I have attended public meetings in the council chambers, where, when a vote was to be cast, the local Labour councillors suddenly left for a “natural break” and did not return in time to cast their vote.

This is supposed to be a democratic society. I often question that.

John Stokoe


Midwives a marvel

THIS letter is to say a big thank-you to the fantastic staff at Sunderland Royal maternity unit.

I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl on February 25, weighing 9lb 1½ozs, who I decided to name Jaycee May.

The midwife in charge of me that day was Leeann Adey. She was brilliant throughout, her personality shone through and she really put me at ease, even though it was my third child, each labour could be different.

Leeann was supposed to finish work at 8.30pm, when my next midwife Vicki Worth started her shift. She delivered my daughter safely at 9.28pm (it was also Vicki’s birthday). Leeann stayed to watch the birth and did not leave until 10pm.

 So once again thank-you so much. Jaycee is perfect and her big brothers Jack and Corey adore her.

Keep up the good work, you are a credit to your team.

Mrs Lindsey Thynne (nee Hodgson),

Trevarren Drive,


National disgrace

I WOULD like to know what is wrong with this younger generation of today, because somewhere there is a missing link. How can a 16-year-old boy batter a man of 71 and think it’s good? That man who he set about might have fought in a war for him and his family. The Government should get idiots off the street and put them back into National Service to learn them the respect they don’t have.

B Crute,

Cleveland Road,

High Barnes,