Letters, Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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Don’t go back to rising jobless

WE had a glimpse of things to come when the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner decided that the policing of Sunderland should be controlled and managed from South Shields.

 We are now shown, in a speech by Labour MP Alistair Darling, how much further a Labour Government would take this downgrading of Sunderland. The speech made on Tyneside outlined the Labour views on devolution for the region. Alistair Darling said “Newcastle must be the centre of gravity” for the region.

 We saw what happened during Labour’s last Government term. We saw the huge developments around the Newcastle/Gateshead Quayside and elsewhere in and around Newcastle.

 In Sunderland we had a derelict Vaux site, now purchased and heading for development thanks to the Conservative-led Government. We had the dream of a new Wear bridge, now becoming reality. We had the promise of a new Hospital in Ryhope, now delivered.

 During Labour’s last Government we saw the loss of 54,000 manufacturing jobs in the region. Now in Sunderland we have 14,000-plus new private sector jobs created since 2010. The City of Sunderland’s own figures show unemployment in Sunderland is at a 25-year low.

 Manufacturing is thriving again and our business centres like Doxford are doing well.

 Don’t let us go back to the days of rising unemployment, rising taxes and a stagnating Sunderland.

Alan Wright

High Barnes

Bid to trace my nursing friends

I WOULD like to contact some nurses that I commenced my nurse training with in August 1957.

 I was based for three years at Sunderland General Hospital, as it was known then. Their names then were Edith Thompson, Norma Curry, Isa Falloon, Kathleen Nicholson and Betty Lamb.

 I have been in contact with Marjorie Shaw for many years, who trained at the same time.

 If they could contact me on 0191 262 8263 we perhaps could meet and have a small reunion with coffee and a bite to eat.

 My name then was Joan Miller, now knows as Joan Cooper.

Joan Cooper,


Mystery of the disappearing WC

DOES anyone remember the sketch by The Two Ronnies about the phantom raspberry blower of old London Town?

 Well it would appear that we have a phantom WC closer of old Sunderland Town (March 2, J A Stott). It does not just happen in Sunderland, Seaham also has quite recently had toilets closed, in fact, not just closed but demolished to boot!

 The Vain Tempest car park public toilet has gone. When? Why? Where?

 Seaham like Sunderland has also received a Government grant to renovate the town, and is sorely in need of public toilets along the seafront. What is the point of attracting the public to these places if there are no public conveniences?

 Perhaps I could suggest a cheaper alternative to building a public toilet. Why not put on a high-speed bus to ferry people to toilets in Byron Place? The bus/buses would run every five minutes and have priority over red lights and other traffic.

 Would that be more economical than building and maintaining permanent WCs. Maybe taxis could perform the task cheaper? they could patrol the seafront. Bus or taxi, the fare would always be the same – 1p.

R Tomlinson,


Bus firm reunion

ANYONE who used to work for the Northern Bus Company at Murton, Park Lane or Deptford depots are invited to a get together (reunion) at the Conservative club, Station Road, Seaham, on April 13 at 12.30pm.

Paul Dawson