Letters, Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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We need facilities on the seafront

READING the article in the Echo on May 28 about Sunderland seafront, I agree with Fulwell Ward Councillor George Howe there are no interesting facilities along Seaburn or Roker beach.

 Most people over the bank holiday weekend left the city and went along to South Shields funfair, beach and parks. Its new pool is due to open some time this year too.

 We have one of the best beaches in the north and what have we got? Two fish shops, two arcades, a closed funfair and a leisure centre. Who is to blame for all this? Sunderland Council.

 We need more attractive facilities along our beaches, such as a super leisure centre containing fun pools, an ice-rink, a bowling green and sports halls.

 We seem to be the only place that has had no money spent on it.

 The old Vaux site is now a £6million car park, the Crowtree Leisure Centre has been closed and has already started to be knocked down and, if Sunderland Council gets its way, there will be no funfair or arcades on the seafront as it will probably become housing or restaurants.

 How is it that Sunderland Council can’t afford to put all these facilities in place for the people that they are supposed to be here for, yet they can afford bottled water, company cars, mayor’s parties and lavish meals?

 And some chief executive is getting a wage of around £250,000 per year.

 Something isn’t right. We pay for all these things and we seem to be getting nothing from it.

 I think we need a new set of councillors; ones that put Sunderland and its people before themselves.

 I’m hoping that in 2015 the current councillors are voted out because they are doing nothing but dragging Sunderland down.

David Hull,


School memories

THE recent passing of Councillor Norman Bohill brought back memories of the time he was my maths teacher at Bede Grammar School.

 I have a photo of the school staff (from the Echo’s Looking Back page, November 1997) where he is standing in the back row.

 In the autumn of 1959, Prime Minster Harold McMillan called a General Election.

 At Bede School we traditionally had a mock election too. One afternoon when we were supposed to have a double maths lesson (loud groans), Mr Bohill instead gave us a talk on the electoral system, the three main parties, and why we send MPs to Westminster.

 It was the first time I ever had that explained to me. I certainly don’t remember any Tory bias in what he said.

 I recall our mock election was won (surprise, surprise) by the Conservative candidate, a boy called Peter Wood.

 I’ve often wondered if he’s the same Peter Wood who is the Councillor for the St Michael’s Ward. Maybe he could confirm that?

Peter Thornton,


Show respect

I HAVE to echo Judith Trucknell’s warning to drivers, cyclists and walkers.

 While out enjoying the beautiful sunny weather over the weekend, I was shocked that people out walking along the seafront paid little heed to cyclists.

 The cycle lane is there for a reason and people, especially those with dogs, should respect the cyclists’ right to be able to ride along these paths without the verbal abuse.

 Equally, since when has it been safe for cyclists to balance babies on the handlebars with little to no protection?

 We all have a duty to make sure we are safe when taking part in activities. It only takes one dog to run in front of the wheels of a cyclist or a car not to notice you and those little tots will receive a nasty injury.

 Enjoy the activities that the weather allows us to take part in but keep safe.

D Miles