Letters, Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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Get rid of this ‘toxic’ vermin

First, I would like to congratulate Sunderland Council on doing such a fantastic job with the redevelopment of Keel Square.

 Now for the negative, there is seagull droppings everywhere including the new Keel Line, which had a massive drop splashed right across the photos of people who used to work at the shipyards.

 Please, cull these vermin as they serve no purpose at all.

 They are a public health problem as well because believe me if you have ever been ‘hit’ then you know that the stuff is toxic.

 Get them gone.


Via email

We all need to start talking

ISIS terrorism aims to trigger social upheaval and violence in Europe.

 They want racist attacks in retaliation; they want more ‘martyrs’ on all sides to tip us into a wider war .

 Let’s be strong on security yet statesman-like in addressing genuine grievances: Palestine, Iraq, Syria – prejudice, poverty, persecution and fundamentalism wherever it exists .

 Across the North East we need increased conversations between our diverse communities to gain better understanding on how we address the risk of all forms of radicalisation; the risks it poses to our young people and the social cohesion of our region.

 We should not just observe and shake our heads in disbelief, hoping this will not effect us. It already does, and we need to do something positive about it.

Ian G L Jones

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What a show

I just wanted to enthuse about the production of Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, staged by Thornhill School for three nights recently.

 I attended the opening night and was immensely impressed by all aspects of the production.

 All the young people who were involved displayed remarkable confidence and skills in their respective roles.

 The school also actively involved two of its feeder schools, Diamond Hall and Richard Avenue, the first time this has occurred. It really worked well.

 Well done to everyone involved.

Tim Wright

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Time for old fogies to meet

Monkwearmouth Comprehensive Old Fogies get together will be held in the Blue Bell, Fulwell, this Saturday from 7.30pm onwards.

 Family and friends welcome. Spread the word. Any queries, contact me on 07745 704104.

Kay Lodge,