Letters, Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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Now police know what it feels like

FOR years Home Secretaries have had rude, ignorant and hostile receptions from the Police Federation.

 Now we have one with the guts to put the bully boys in their place.

 Some of us have long memories, and it’s time the police knew what it feels like when a Conservative Government turns on you.

 They were the shock troops of Thatcher’s war against the mining communities, and how they revelled in it with their shields and truncheons, charging at people on horseback.

 My cousin, a police sergeant, was laughing all the way to the bank with the amount of overtime he earned during the miners’ strike. But now the party of law and order has bitten back at its old allies.

 As a result of Plebgate, Hillsborough and Stephen Lawrence, the reputation of the police is in tatters.

 Does anyone believe policemen always tell the truth? And what implications does that have for jury trials?

 Dixon of Dock Green must be turning in his grave.

Henry Whipple,


Charity nomination

SAINSBURY’S has opened the voting for the charity of the year.

 If you go into any of our stores at Fulwell, Sunderland North, Silksworth and Washington and you know of any charities in those areas who would like to be that store’s chosen charity of the year, please fill in a nomination form or go online and vote.

 Voting closes on Wednesday, June 11.

Heather Smith,

PR ambassador,

Sainsbury’s Fulwell

Much appreciated

DURING the coming months, St Michael’s Conservatives will be delivering their summer newsletter throughout the ward, which will include a more detailed reference to the recent local election.

 In the meantime, however, I would like to thank the ward residents who voted for me. Their support was very much appreciated and enabled us to achieve a good result.

 I can now commence the task at hand, namely representing all the residents of St Michael’s Ward.

Coun Michael Dixon

Ridiculous views

MICK the Pen’s recent letter regarding baseball caps was ridiculous.

 I have two grandchildren aged six and eight.

 They both wear peaked caps during the summer to keep the sun off their heads and to prevent sunburn. They have never been in any trouble and certainly are not criminals.

 Mick the Pen just tars everyone with the same brush.

 It’s outrageous some of the things he writes.

 I am not disputing that some criminals wear this type of headwear but if we took advice from Mick the Pen and followed his ideals, we may as well exist in a country like North Korea.

K Ratcliffe,