Letters, Tuesday, June 25, 2013

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We must overcome the Euro sceptics

LAST week, Nick Clegg visited the North East to launch the Lib Dems’ jobs campaign, highlighting our success in helping to create one million private sector jobs nationally since 2010 and our determination to deliver one million more.

 Our primary focus remains on building a stronger economy by creating more jobs and growth.

 Working closely with the EU will help us to achieve this.

 The planned trade deal with the US launched at the G8 summit is set to create an estimated 400,000 jobs in the UK and increase economic output by £10billion, the equivalent of £380 a year for each household here on Wearside.

 Car manufacturers will enjoy particular benefit from the deal, which is a major boost for vital local businesses like Nissan.

 Lib Dem MEPs are pushing for a speedy conclusion to the negotiations so that we can reap the benefits as soon as possible.

 We need to overcome both eurosceptic voices in the UK and protectionist voices in other EU countries, and make sure we focus on achieving an ambitious deal that delivers for local people here in the North East and for Europe as a whole.

Fiona Hall MEP

Lib Dem MEP for the North East

It’s a frilly scandal

I HAD to laugh when I looked at my calendar this morning. Every page has a little bit of info about that day in history, and today it was about tennis player Gussie Gordon.

 Apparently, her lace-trimmed underwear hit the headlines after she appeared wearing them at Wimbledon in 1949.

 I investigated further and found out that the reporters of the day soon dubbed her ‘Gorgeous Gussie’, and the newspaper photographers vied to get the best shots.

 Are these the ‘good old days’ that we’re constantly hearing about from our elders? Surely not! Taking voyeuristic photos of women and viewing them as sex objects couldn’t have happened in the era of ‘strong family values’, could it?

 Sometimes I wonder if this golden age wasn’t quite all it’s cracked up to be.

 It doesn’t sound that much different to these days if you ask me.

Stuart Natrass

Making a mockery

I WAS absolutely appalled when a council in our region claimed that a few plant pots, which enhanced an otherwise drab lane, were a health and safety issue.

 I conducted my own risk assessment and concluded that the level of risk was sufficiently low to consider it as acceptable. (that’s how the professionals do it).

 When it comes to real health and safety, many local authorities are totally unprofessional –making up the rules as they go along.

 At the same time they are diminishing the credibility and making a mockery of those truly professional safety people who do a really good job ensuring the safety of people in proper jobs where there is a genuine high risk potential.

M Mickey

Park left overgrown

I’M very disappointed that yet again Barnes Park, within Grindon, is not being well maintained.

 The grass is overgrown and there is litter and broken glass everywhere!

 I have heard rumours that Gentoo has a contract with some local farmer to leave the grass to overgrown so that the farmer can cut it later in the year and claim the hay.

 Not only is this depriving our families from playing in and enjoying the park but as there are so many dogs free to use the park as their toilet, I don’t know why the farmer would want this disgusting grass anyway.

 The park could be beautiful if some thought and effort was put into it.

 Let’s get our priorities right. This is a park for everyone, not just a few.

Mr L Dorian