Letters. Tuesday, June 24, 2015

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Praise is due for Nissan

Whenever Margaret Thatcher is praised for her role in bringing Nissan to Sunderland (Coun Peter Wood, June5) those on the left immediately try to denigrate her.

 First, we had Ged Taylor (June 13) who, without offering a single shred of evidence states “As for Nissan its common knowledge she wanted it down South”.

 Then we had Grace Cassidy (June 16) who stated “Mrs Thatcher was going to have the Nissan factory built in Wales”.

 It is beyond doubt that Margaret Thatcher’s role was paramount in bringing Nissan to Sunderland.

 In BBC Radio 4’s Where Did It All Go Right the question was asked: “What was Margaret Thatcher’s greatest success as Prime Minister?”

 The presenter said “The question always prompts a long list of suggestions – and sometimes an argument”.

 The presenter then went on “but here is one which is not often discussed: attracting the Japanese motor giant Nissan to build cars in Sunderland. The effort Mrs Thatcher and her government put in has paid off handsomely”.

 Sir Robin Mountfield, the civil servant in charge of the negotiations on Nissan, did not contradict this.

 He told the interviewer that this was “one of the few occasions where Government intervention has had a beneficial effect at relatively minor cost in improving not only the volume of UK car manufacturing, but setting a sort of gold standard for manufacturing technology right through the engineering sector”.

Alan Wright


EU common sense needed

Denis McDonald is quite right about the views of our local MP’s comments regarding the EU.

 I agree with what he said but at the same time if our Prime Minister can get some kind of common sense back into how Europe rules our lives, the EU would be worth staying in.

 Our MP, Ms Elliot, would have us stay in the EU without questions being asked, that has been the Labour way and it will never change.

John Carden


Smart way to cruelty free

National Campaign group Animal Aid has launched a smartphone app that allows people to check whether medical charities fund animal experiments.

 The Cruelty-Free Giving app is free to download and features a database of 300 medical charities. This new initiative forms part of Animal Aid’s campaign to end the funding of vivisection by medical research charities.

 The app can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. To request a guide to charities’ policies on vivisection, email isobel@animalaid.co.uk or ring 01732 364 546 ext. 233.

Isobel Hutchinson,

Animal Aid campaigner