Letters, Tuesday, June 23, 2015

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People just don’t get it

In his claims, Alan, from Penshaw, was absolutely right that corporations have constantly ripped off the public over the years by reducing the size of their products, but not reducing the price.

 As a kid I can remember

a Mars bar used to be the size of a house brick, now it’s not much bigger than a match box.

 I also remember as a kid at school, debating with the teacher how we were getting cheated with the introduction of decimalisation.

 After her explaining everything is going to be so much easier now as its all in tens not twelves, and what cost a pound then is still a pound now blah blah.

 So I said what about the penny bubbly that we buy in the shop? She explained that they will be half penny bubblies now, I said how many bubblies would I get for a pound, to which she replied 200.

 Yes, but before decimalisation I would have got 240.

 Like her many, many, others even now they just don’t get it.

Ged Taylor,


British won the battle

With regard to his letter (June 19), Scottish matters, I think Scott Andrews is living on the wrong side of the border.

 The North East is made up of people from numerous origins as is the UK generally.

 Interestingly, you never mentioned that the decisive victory in the Jacobite era you referred to was achieved by the English, who routed Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Jacobites at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

Tom Lynn

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No respect for square

I could not believe my eyes the other day while walking up towards Gill Bridge police station area.

 I was disgusted to see three lads between the ages of 16 and 19 using their skateboards on the new seating area on Keel Squar.

 I just thought where is the respect for nice things which have cost the tax payers millions, and it’s not really completed yet.

 They are just on a mission to destroy it.

 Where are the people behind the cameras?

 I think there should be a notice put up saying ‘no skate boarding/ball games or drinking before it starts and gets out of hand

S Gurd

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Changes are needed

I quite agree with Jean Laird’s comments about the lethal corned beef tins.

They are not easy to open and that’s assuming the key doesn’t snap in the first place

It is about time manufacturers invested in new packaging for this product. Other products have.

M Miles,

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