Letters, Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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Let’s get facts on child poverty right

THE Echo piece on child poverty recently started with the paragraph: “A Wearside MP has slammed Prime Minister David Cameron after it was revealed that more than a quarter of North East families miss meals because they can’t afford food.”

 The piece then went on to quote MP Sharon Hodgson saying: “This important report lays bare the impact on North East children and families of David Cameron’s cost of living crisis. Child poverty is everybody’s problem.”

 The MP continued “Labour made great progress on this in Government and have already set out several ways in which we can reduce child poverty – including making work pay for parents, by strengthening wages and extending free childcare, scrapping the bedroom tax and tackling the cost of living, particularly rents and energy bills.

 “We can, and should, go even further to reverse the rising tide of poverty under this Government.”

 So “Labour made great progress” did they and we need to “reverse the tide of poverty under this Government”?

 Well a report presented to Sunderland Council’s West Area Committee in 2011 shows quite clearly that child poverty not only increased across Sunderland under Labour from 2006 to 2009 but also increased across the North East and England as a whole in that time.

 Yes, child poverty must be tackled but let us have a debate based on fact.

Alan Wright


Eternal gratitude

AFTER reading so many bad comments regarding the NHS, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the good work and dedication of many of the staff of the service and give them the credit they truly deserve.

 Having recently lost my wife, Dzidra, after a long and at times painful illness, I would like to put on record my eternal thanks to those who have cared for her over the years.

 There are too many individuals to name but collectively, thanks to the staff on Phoenix Ward, Sunderland Royal Hospital, the Lymphoedema Clinic, Ryhope, the Palliative Care Team at Monkwearmouth Health Centre, the Macmillan Nurses and staff at Fulwell Medical Centre. They all, in their own way, provided some light on what were some really dark days.

 God bless you all.

 May I also thank everyone for the lovely cards and attendance at her funeral and the grand sum of £530, which was raised on behalf of the Macmillan Nurses.

Jim Lindsay,


Royally spellbound

KING Juan Carlos is abdicating.

 His reign in Spain has gone right down the drain.

 Crowds in Madrid called for the abolition of the monarchy and the restoration of a republic.

 If only the British people felt the same way.

 Sadly, we seem to be spellbound by our brainless devotion to the fantasy soap opera of the Windsors.

Henry Whipple,


No harm to church

I SEE the nimbys are out again, complaining about the ‘swingers’ club.

 This club will do no harm whatsoever to the nearby church.

 The clientele who freqent it are hardly going to be cavorting in the street are they?

 It all goes on behind closed doors, for heavens sake.

 As for it being situated next to a school, the kids will have gone home long before the swingers attend.

 The church leader is just jealous that they will attract a bigger ‘congregation’ than his establishment, which, in my opinion, is still living in Victorian time.

John, The Pun, Watson,