Letters, Tuesday, June 16, 2015

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New centre is disappointing

I am 72 years of age and for the past 20 years I have attended Washington Leisure Centre two or three times a week for a swim and a relaxing hour in the sauna and steam room.

 Along with many others, I eagerly awaited the opening of the new, £11millionWashington Leisure Centre. I have visited twice this week and what a big disappointment.

 On both occasions I waited more than 15 minutes to gain entrance, despite only being in a queue of three or four people (problems with the new computer).

 When I asked “where do I go” I was informed by a member of staff to proceed half way down the main entrance corridor and to take my shoes and socks off before entering the changing room area. This area is crammed with small clothes lockers and changing cubicles too small for purpose.

  I eventually changed in these cramped conditions and found my way to the sauna and steam room.

 There was monotonous pop music blaring out inside the steam and sauna room. The sauna was a heated wood panelled room with no stove. There is just one cold shower available, no mirror or wash basin, no toilet and no clock on the wall.

 You are not allowed to take any bags into the sauna area, (I’m used to reading a paper or book). No food or drink to be taken in to this area, one gentleman was reprimanded for attempting to eat an orange. There is not a waste bin available anyway to place orange peel in.

 To my horror there is a massive plasma television on the wall, fortunately it was not working during my visits.

 I then had problems finding a shower, there are only four for the whole swimming/sauna complex.

 After my visits, I have come to the conclusion that our Labour-controlled council has wasted £11million on a centre.

 I hope things improve for the better otherwise I’ll be going elsewhere.

Mr L Barber,

New Penshaw

Too many lies are being told

In answer to Councillor Peter Wood, Mrs Thatcher was going to have the Nissan Factory built in Wales but Sunderland Labour councillors fought it.

 Yes, she opened it and told lies. It all came out after 30 years. She said every pit would be closed, people were sick of her every time she called Arthur Scargill because he said all the pits were going to be closed.

  Of course, not one Tory, nor Mrs Thatcher would apologise. I don’t care what you say – she did close factories. .

 By the way, a man for Nissan spoke about the EU saying it would affect Nissan if we came out.

 When a North East Labour MP mentioned it in the House of Commons they said it was scaremongering. The foreign man was truly worried by the way the Tories are always praising Mrs Thatcher.

Grace Cassidy,