Letters, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Osborne to blame for library closures

Protesters are lambasting Sunderland Council in regards to the proposal to close a number of libraries.

Yet they are aiming their wrath at the wrong target. The real culprit is miles away from all this hassle.

He was last seen sitting snug as a bug in his London office devouring a £10 burger and no doubt thinking how to remove more bread from the table of the poor.

I am referring, of course, to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, whose failed policies have stalled the economy with zero growth.

It’s the pressure of Osborne’s unrelenting cuts which have councils across the country buckling at the knees and giving them no alternative but to make unsavoury decisions.

Let’s not forget – regardless of how much the funding is reduced, the councils have a legal obligation to provide for the elderly, infirm, rubbish collection and social care.

That means the brunt of the cuts will fall on roads, libraries, job creation, swimming pools and new housing etc.

The situation won’t get any better soon.

A recent report warns 50 of the most hard-up areas, which include North East councils, will end up with just 68 per cent of the finance they need to avoid cutting more services.

The report also says that councils in areas hardest hit by the cuts face a £14.4 billion black hole in finances.

This Government is not in the business of giving money to councils. It is far too busy taking the finance away from them.

W Quinn,


Larger than life

There have been many tall tales concerning Wearside characters. One that springs to mind was a strong man known as Samson who was supposedly from Hendon.

Apparently he could lift a car and the wheel of a cart. I am not convinced that he existed but it would be interesting to find out if he did.

Many of these folk are the stuff of legends but people hand down these tales and they are blown out of all proportion.

Another tale has more substance simply because I recall from my youth when I used to read the Hotspur comic which always printed a true life story in cartoon form regarding a war hero.

This man came from Sunderland and saved many lives during the Second World War, I think, and was awarded a medal.

Does any reader know anything about these characters or are they simply myths?

Mick The Pen Brown.

Children really rock!

I went to see the Thornhill School production of We Will Rock You not knowing what to expect.

To my surprise and delight I found the production was really well done.

The children were really good and the quality of singing and acting was first class.

The audience gave a standing ovation and the children were obviously enjoying themselves. .

At a time when we tend to criticise our young ones this shows that the vast majority are really talented, dedicated and a credit to our city.

Well done to all concerned.

Eddie Wells

Thanks to all of you

A big thank you to all who attended and contributed to the charity night held at Houghton Comrades Club, Saturday, June 29.

Thanks to Fred Anthony Davies, of Derek Moss funeral directors, for his spectacular performance, also to the Abba tribute band lead by Fiona Ross, of Charles Embleton funeral directors.

Many thanks to Bells of Durham for their excellent catering service.

A Grand total of £1,217.50 was raised for I.C.C.U. Sunderland Royal Hospital in memory of Susan Adamson, in her appreciation to them and fulfilling her wish.

Julie Rose