Letters, Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Gala day was a great event

I attended yet another successful Miners’ Gala Day on July 11.

 I have attended all but one since 1978, and as of late there have been record numbers turning up, rather fitting when you hear that the Government is to introduce new laws to prevent working class people from striking or taking part in industrial action – preventing them from standing up for what they believe in.

 I am not going to voice my opinion about the bitter strike of the 1980s, it’s long gone, though not forgotten.

 The gala was fantastic and great to see so many people enjoying the sunshine and supporting what is a lifeline to the union movement.

 There were miners’ banners from all across the UK and even Europe and beyond. There were also the various unions parading their own banners, too many to mention, but it is a tribute to all involved who travel to Durham City centre, especially the people who spend months organising the event. Appreciation is an understatement.

 While on this subject, I travel proudly with the New Herrington Lodge banner, and it must be said that without the tireless efforts of our secretary, Bob Melvin and his wife Pat, not to forget our committee member Mavis Tate, who sadly passed away before this year’s gala, these sort of memorable days would fade into the abyss, that said.

 Bob and Pat are now to retire so it is up to the younger ones to take over and preserve this grand, old tradition.

 So a great big thanks and well done to all who make it possible, from the aforementioned organisers to the banner carriers, and especially the people who continue to turn up with our banner year after year, see you all again at next years ‘Big Meeting’.

Garry Wallace Snr

Keep games more local

I can understand getting a team ready for the football season to start, what I can’t understand is why some clubs , ours included, go to the expense of playing unknown teams all over the world.

 Why ot play local area teams who would welcome the extra cash it would generate?

 It may also attract more support for SAFC.

Alan Winter

Staff so kind to my mum

I would like to thank the staff of Smith’s Shoe Services in Sea Road.

 I was shopping there with my 80-year-old mam who has severe dementia and she suddenly needed some assistance.

 The staff so kindly helped us and looked after her, allowing us to use their staff room. I am not sure others would have – particularly as it is a tiny shop and clearly doesn’t have the facilities appropriate for customers.

 Thank you so much, you were so kind.

Helen Gray